Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom


Extreme Electric CBT: Pantyhose Prisoner

The pantyhose prisoner is made to wait on the porch of the Compound in broad daylight wearing a gas mask while Dom Lady X and Irene finish getting ready. He is then commanded to enter the building,strip,and don a pair of pantyhose. He is placed in a metal chastity devise,handcuffed,thumb cuffed,and ankle cuffed and led up the stairs to the gothic room where he is placed in a head harness on the OBGYN table and restrained with bondage straps. Dom Lady X and Irene punishes him and perform experiments with the violet wand and whartenburg wheels. He is connected to many different boxes for special procedures. Many new and unusual ideas for electric CBT! Electric butterfly board,electric nipple play (bi polar) and strict bondage. A nice pantyhose-covered foot worship scene at the end,with sniffing. A pantyhose frenzy!

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Lesbian Fetish School

Doghouse Digital and director Rod Vicious are pleased to present the first installment of this amazing all girls series. Fetish sex doll Mistress V rules her class with the strictest discipline. Enjoy as she teaches her eager recruits to embrace the pleasures of submission. These naughty little sex slaves lose control of their inhibitions and deliver some of the hottest hardcore action ever filmed! Enjoy!

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Rubber Nurse

In this installment ,Mistress Amanda Wildefyre takes her slave on an epic fetish journey through the numerous layers of rubberized medical treatments. Featuring: Mistress Amanda Wildfyre.

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Goddess Soma’s Intense Bondage Training

Master Liam has scheduled Alice to see a world known dominatrix,and the dungeon holds the beginnings of her ”Intense Bondage Training”. Dressed in red latex,she is placed on a bondage device with legs spread wide open,nude and wanting. Drooling,teased and tormented,it’s not long before orgasm is reached. Goddess Soma pleads with her student to deliver the goods!

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SOS Strap-On Sluts 2

Watch them deep-throat giant cocks. Those sexy girls can’t get enough rubber dicks.

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Level 7: Plug My Butt,Mistress

Check out the latest from Carmen Rivera Entertainment,Level 7: Plug My Butt,Mistress! The hardest anal to date with XL strap-ons and double fisting! Blow jobs,Golden Showers and more! 2011 AEBN VOD Winner for Best BDSM Movie.

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Strap-On Extravaganza

In JD Storm’s Strap-On Extravaganza Mistresses,Real,Qing,Alesandra and Caramel,train their worthless subs to suck strap on cock and show them what it feels to have hard rubber rammed up their assholes. Sissy sluts with their legs in the air,rubber slaves bent over with wide open asses and useless maids performing for these beautiful Dommes.

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The Damsels Of Dachau

Cruel and unusual punishment,sexy and lascivious. An experienced Female libertine with 2 young maidens! Irene Boss visits Dachau Germany after the annual Bound Con Convention (where she is a guest of honor each year),and corrupts 2 innocent young fetish models in the arts of lesbian rubber bondage,sex,and S/m. Both girls are so innocent! Neither girl has been in rubber before,or has experienced any real domination. Irene gets them to do everything! The scene opens with slave Dana in a black rubber cat suit kissing slave Melanie,while Irene initiates Dana in corporal. Irene places Dana in a corset and Melanie is stretched on the rack. Irene then decides to make the two girls dominate each other! They are made to spank each other and kiss each other’s nude beautiful behinds. Irene then makes a nude bondage sandwich out of the two girls and they experience their first whipping while one wears an inflatable rubber hood. The girls are interrogated hospital military style on an OBGYN table to give up secrets about their male lovers while Irene examines and humiliated them during a strip search. They are inspected and one has to sit on an electric dildo. The Ladies are then tied to each other and have to give oral service to each other in a scorching 69. They are then caged standing naked pressed up against each other. Irene swallows the only key to the lock,telling them that she will return to unlock them when “the key comes out the other end”.

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Become mesmerized in a latex world of lusty abduction,where love,sex,and bizarre punishments will not only excite you,but punish your desires into a throbbing state. Mistress Aradia plays a beautiful monster that has found herself in a demonic state of rapture,addicted to her juicy victim Anastasia Pierce. Ms. Pierce finds herself held captive in the grime of an industrial building,where she continuously awaits her fate. The lovely Serial Mistress,Aradia can’t wait to place her victim in the 15 foot hole she has sadistically prepared. As you will see from her wall of casualties,this Serial Mistress has no ”cooling off” period and is counting down the minutes before she sets forth to find her next obsession. Let the music set the tone to your mind’s disruption and become another one of the Mistress’s psychological and sexual gratifications. Get ready for a real shock,when you are just as electrified as the punished,sexy Anastasia.

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Baronessa’s Spritztour

Check out the latest from Carmen Rivera Entertainment,Baronessa’a Spritztour! Featuring the hottest girls in action from Germany!

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