Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom

All Sex

Lesbian Fetish School

Doghouse Digital and director Rod Vicious are pleased to present the first installment of this amazing all girls series. Fetish sex doll Mistress V rules her class with the strictest discipline. Enjoy as she teaches her eager recruits to embrace the pleasures of submission. These naughty little sex slaves lose control of their inhibitions and deliver some of the hottest hardcore action ever filmed! Enjoy!

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Anal Punishment

Carmen Rivera is dishing out the anal punishment in the latest from Off Limits Media!

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Dominatrix Lesson

Dominatrix Mistress Amber makes Whastsherface and Whosehischops her slaves,treating them to a variety of punishments and pleasures. Training them with hot wax,nipple clamps,electrical stimulation,pegs,crops and an array of sex toys. A dark and depraved voyage into the realm of sexual submission.

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Extreme Behavior 5

Sexually extreme behavior of the lesbian persuasion.
Three Bettie Page dead-ringers ravage a sweet young blonde in a corset-clad femme-dom romp. Greased-up girls with power tools pull out their dildo drills for intense pussy penetration. Kinky hookers in skin-tight latex plunge into a milky-wet wrestling match that ends with a writhing female orgy.

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Sissy Slut School

Danny’s wife catches him in her panty drawer so she decides to take him to Mistress Lexi Sindel’s Sissy Slut Academy. Mistress Lexi wastes no time turning Danni into Danielle,the latest sexy sissy slut on campus. The girls are taught how to wear high heels and to suck and fuck like good little whores. Even the Head Master wants in on the action. Prom night is extra special when their real guy dates show up. Instead of going to the dance they decide to fuck their dates! In the end,Danielle’s ex-wife returns to collect her new sissy slut and gets a tongue on demonstration of what Danielle has learned so far!

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Male Dominated And Penetrated

These horny women show just how horny they are with their submissive men. They truly take over these men. They arouse these men and tickling them,jerking them off and fucking them in their ass with a strap-on or a dildo shoved in their asshole. In the last scene the male slave wears a pig mask.

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Submissive girls get disciplined and enjoy every minutes of it. Two Schoolgirl scenes with little damsel in uniform eager for attention,training and sexual attention. A very naughty damsel squirting on her schoolbooks,A maid hogtied,gagged and struggling for attention before being made to orgasm by her mistress. A busty college girl caged and getting off with a large toy. A lady drilling her pussy and mouth hard for satisfaction. A newbie clamped and stretched in every direction… should I tell more? No! you should watch it.

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Glamour Fetish: Faces Of Lust

One of the sexiest fetish movie ever filmed. Beautiful domineering women wrapped in form latex/rubber outfits with attitude to match. These hot babes know how to command the screen as they take control of their victims and the audience. Four steamy lust filled scenes filled with girl on girl strap-on female domination!

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Something Different

When Goddess Starla finds out that her slave broke her fucking machine,she is beyond mad. She can’t understand how Ava could be so inconsiderate,so thoughtless and so careless. Starla decides that Ava has to live with the consequences of her actions and turns Ava into a living fucking machine.

“I have had unclean thoughts” Sister Sophie confesses. “I have also touched myself while thinking these thoughts,” she continues. Will ten “Hail Mary’s” and ten “Our Fathers” do the trick? Will that be enough to cleanse and purify Sister Sophie? Mother Irony thinks not and adds her own flavor of punishment to the mix.

Annika wakes to find herself bound and at the mercy of a beautiful stranger who is going to have her way with Annika.

The Doctor is in! Siclia loves Medical play. Her challenge will be to not cum as the doctor puts her through her paces. We have a bad feeling she is going to fail miserably.

Wax is poured over Leila’s white supple skin,her protests permeate the dungeon. Her Mistress is quite skilled though and Leila’s body quivers from a perverse manipulation of both punishment and pleasure.

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Tricked By A Tranny 2

The second edition is back with more tranny trickery going on… so suck a tranny cock!

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TS Seduction: Paris And Rom Fox

Paris is taking a summer intensive English class. Her teacher thinks he can say whatever he likes because she will nod and smile,and not really understand what he is propositioning. But Paris has a very clear understanding of what he wants and she is ready to give him a lesson of his own.

He holds her after class for private study which quickly elevates into a locked door blow job. Paris removes her tiny plaid skirt,rubs her cotton panties on his chest and then whips out her solid cock in his surprised face.

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TS Seduction: Jade,Honey And Vince

Sexxy Jade and Honey Foxxx are tied up and left river side to struggle in the dirt. The two were investigating a of ring of thugs when they were snatched,bound and tossed off the trail.

Jade uses a hidden tool from her high heels to break free and the two are back on track with a whole lot of motivation. They find their first guy – a muscly crook named Vince Ferelli – and follow him to his hotel room where he’s ordered take-out and a Thai massage. Jade and Honey waste no time getting him in the mood for a happy ending on their terms. The two convince him to give up control be tie him up for his “massage”. Vince agrees – after all,a little bondage with two ladies is nothing for a huge beefcake guy like himself. Think again,Vince. The girls tie him up and then whip out their hard cocks that are hungry for sucking and ready to fuck.

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TS Seduction: Sexy Jade And John Jammen

Sexy Jade has found her man – the one who ordered her and Honey tied up and left by the river. It’s been a long time coming,and now she is ready to unleash and make the big Boss Man pay.

She seduces him,strokes him off until he cums and then whips out her cock. He loses it,squirms and resists but Jade has firmly planted her round,perfect ass on his chest and is face fucking him without mercy. He is no longer in control and will no longer have any choice in the night.
She strokes him off and milks him again while fucking his ass. His second cum shot now drying all over his legs and stomach. She drags his tied body around the room getting him to suck her cock and worship her ass.

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Unhappy Endings: Ruined

Check out these unhappy endings provided by hot jerky girls and watch as they tease yet ruin these poor guys’ orgasms.

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Femdom Ass Worship 18

For guys who truly know their place,females are superior to men in every aspect. And a truly dominant woman enjoys showing a simpering male exactly how worthless he is! Fetish director Glenn King’s MeanBitch Productions brings another seductively cruel showcase of feminine supremacy,’FemDom Ass Worship 18,’ in which haughty ass queens crush their victims with powerful buttocks and verbal degradation. Each of four scenes is preceded by a POV-style solo segment in which the evil lady issues chilling threats and wicked abuse to you the hapless viewer. Blonde,ass-blessed knockout Alexis Texas makes a stunning dominatrix. She breaks in her helpless slave,making him tongue her asshole and stepping on his face in her vicious high heels. Her incredible hams flatten pathetic Jeremy Conway’s head and she makes him suck her fragrant toes.

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