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Rough Sex

Missogyny 3

We put together a delicious gift for your worshiped Mistress Crash: Four gorgeous suicide girls that love serving a BDSM Queen. Sarah Shevon begs for electro-play,willing to do anything for it. Misti Dawn hopes her Mistress gives her a round of tit slapping and plenty of clothespins. We also left Krysta Khaos and Ladie Lane waiting in Crash’s cage. We wonder what she’ll think of for them. They’re all quite lucky to have such a ravenous Mistress,all presented for you to enjoy.

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Silver Star

On her first visit to Foxhouse,Chelsea Poe plays a gold star lesbian who has never slept with a man before. When Gaperiella Holl and Alyx Fox start telling cock tales over cocktails,Chelsea is shy and uncomfortable. Before the night is through,these dominant women make sure she loses her gold star forever. Alyx and Gaperiella warm her up with a high femme strap-on spit-roast on the dining table. When stunt cock Andy Whore-Holl arrives,Chelsea is surprised to find herself eagerly swallowing her pride as she slips down to Silver Star status.

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Strapon Squad 3

We’re excited to share this video,another great clip with the lesbian domination threesome Rose Red,Lexy Villa and Brooklyn Daniels. This time around Rose Red’s Mistresses want her to endure more constant orgasms. Why not start it off with the infamous sybian fucking machine. The vibration it gives has made many models squirt,especially in our BDSM scenarios. Lexy and Brooklyn give their eager sub slut more rope bondage,tying her tight to the sybian,wrists tied behind her back,tasty clit kept on the flesh pad. Brooklyn begins the punishment with a light buzz,Lexy standing over Red,slapping her breasts and face with her 10″ strapon. Brooklyn raises the dial,Lexy pulls Red’s ball gag out and both Mistresses take turns sliding their rubber black dicks down Red’s mouth,deep throating their whore rough and fast.

Brooklyn Daniels is a great BDSM Mistress,a fan favorite for all of our lesbian domination threesomes. Yet,she’s tied up in the dungeon,her long skirt still on. Seems like she’s in trouble with our other Mistresses. Who says a Dominant can’t be turned into a sex slave for slut training? At Fetish Network,fuck the rules. Brooklyn needs to learn her lesson. Mila Blaze and Lexy Villa enter and shake her up. They spin her into the doggy position and tear open her panties,revealing her sweet pussy and tight asshole.

Brooklyn Daniels has been granted her Mistress status. We’re glad. We’ve paired her and Mila Blaze to unleash some Lesbian BDSM fun on our favorite muscle MILF,international hottie Becca Diamond. She’s taken a few hung dicks here at Fetish Network while bound up during hardcore bondage scenes. Can she handle a lesbian domination threesome? Only one way to find out.

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Strapon Squad

Our BDSM dungeon has been busier than ever. Some of the hottest lesbian Mistresses bring their sex slaves over for some lezdom fun,like the sexy yet mean Riley Ray. She brought us all a treat when she left Marina Angel,one hot and kinky barely legal vixen,bound on the floor. Her wrists were linked to her leather collar and had a tight chain around her hips. Mistress Riley walks in after leaving her sex kitten unattended for awhile. Riley comes off sweet,yet slaps Marina’s pretty face to prove she’s not all cookies and cream,dropping loads of spit into Marina’s mouth and onto her face. She introduces Marina to her long and fat strapon dildo,making Marina worship it between cock slaps.

The hot girl next door into kink is quite rare to find. We’re truly blessed to know one quite well. Rose Red,one hot and amazing woman with too many fetishes and desires to count,is no stranger to Fetish Network. Guess who happened to fall in like with Rose Red. Well,two for this one lovely lady: Lexy Villa and Brooklyn Daniels. They heard she liked to be bound tight with rope. These sexy,feisty and shockingly mean Mistresses wanted to give our favorite Red Rose a rope bondage session to test her limits.

The crew here at Fetish Network have come across a promising submissive slut that loves bondage,BDSM and double penetration. The hot and mean Mistresses Lexy Villa and Brooklyn Daniels want to test her limits. We introduce the sexy and feisty Isa Mendez (formerly known as Abbi Roads). Brooklyn sits her on the sybian fucking machine,pulls her wrists behind her back and ties them to a post. Isa isn’t going anywhere,her clit pressed against the flesh pad,fat rubber dick ready to spin against her g-spot. Brooklyn wants to make her orgasm no matter if she wants to. Of course Isa takes every inch of Brooklyn’s massive strapon dildo deep down her throat.

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Strapon Squad 5

Remember Jynx Hollywood,the hot suicide girl that BDSM Mistresses Mena Li and Lexy Villa brought back to the dungeon? If not,get ready for the perfect lesbian domination threesome video to freshen your recollection. Thing is,Mena and Lexy never let Jynx go. Watch as Jynx is kept tied to hooks on the wall,legs covered in a pair of tight black pantyhose with a potato sack over her head,still tired and sore from her last sex slave training session.

Guess who’s back for more lesbian domination and bondage. Our favorite kinky BDSM slut Isa Mendez. She keeps insisting on another return session,hoping for a challenge. Mila Blaze and Lexy Villa,two hot and controlling Mistresses equipped with massive strapon dildos,have a rope bondage scene in mind. They tie her wrists to a post,on her shoulder blades,legs and feet hanging over her head. Her pussy is high up enough for easy access. Lexy bows down to Isa’s face and chokes her bit while Mila fingers her pussy,warming it up for some wreckage and stretching.

The last time we saw the trio Sheena Rose,Alexa Rydell and Mila Blaze,they just finished a lesbian domination threesome. Well,Sheena Rose hasn’t left yet. She’s still tied up in the dungeon,to the wall,only one leg touching the floor. We all know what’s coming,possibly making Sheena have to hang,which sort of makes this scene a rope suspension. Yes,the rope bondage continues. Both Mistresses want to stuff her with more rubber cock.

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Strapon Squad 6

Lexy Villa and Mila Blaze are still training their current sex slave Mena Li. Mena is a feisty and prideful submissive slut that needs to learn her place. The sybian fucking machine has turned many sluts out,leaving them in a puddle of what squirts out of their cunts. That’s where Lexy and Mila start Mena off for her next lesbian domination threesome. This time around the hot and mean Mistresses enact a rope bondage session,tying Mena down onto the sybian. She won’t being going anywhere.

The hot and kinky Isa Mendez,one of the strongest submissive sex slaves here at Fetish Network,wanted a challenge for her last lesbian domination session with rope bondage and suspension. That challenge hasn’t ended. Mistresses Mila Blaze and Lexy Villa pulled her off the wall and tied her to a crate for double penetration fucking. Isa is so tired and weak,jaw and pussy sore from so much rough sex with the massive sex toys dangling between her Mistresses legs.

We haven’t tried any cosplay in the dungeon with our beloved Strapon Squad. Thankfully we ran into naughty and oh so sexy schoolgirl Alby Rydes,who went straight to the strip club,skipping all her classes. Seems like a perfect thing that deserves a bondage punishment,a job for BDSM Mistresses Mila Blaze and Isa Mendez,a sub slut at heart. But she needs to get some lezdom fun out of her too. Alby Rydes is bound to a desk,dressed in her school uniform,potato sack over her head. She’s shaken up and bent over Mila’s knee for an old fashion hand spanking.

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Strapon Squad 7

The last time we saw the trio Brooklyn Daniels,Lexy Villa and Mila Blaze,they just finished a lesbian domination threesome. Wonder who was the slutty BDSM sub? Brooklyn Daniels ended up serving her new Mistresses,punishment for betraying her fellow Strapon Squad members. Well,she hasn’t left yet. She’s still tied up in the dungeon. She has one more article of clothing on: shiny white pantyhose. It looks great against her smooth milky skin. Her arms are chained spread eagle,her neck chained to her knees. Mila and Lexy enter,ready to train and use her some more.

If you’re caught up with one of our favorite sub sluts Sheena Rose,she came back for another go with our BDSM Mistresses,hoping for a challenge. Well,she’s still in the dungeon,her rope bondage fun still in session. Mila Blaze has invited one of the best lezdom hotties we have here at Strapon Squad,Brooklyn Daniels. They want to fulfill their promise of offering an experience like no other.

Isa Mendez,one our favorite Strapon Squad sex slaves,is no stranger to the Fetish Network dungeon. She’s been used,wrecked,punished,fucked a few times,our inventory of sex toys and goodies all used on her. Every time she returns,we need to challenge her and intensify her training sessions. Let’s see if Isa can endure another lesbian domination threesome. Mila Blaze knows Isa well,gaping her pussy on a few occasions during hardcore bondage scenes. She’s brought along newbie Ava Kelly (one hungry deep throat cock sucker). They turn her into a kinky pet,an anal hook leash connected to her collar,fit snug into asshole. It’s time for some BDSM fun.

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