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Schwarze Flamme Silverline 22: Schmerz Nach Noten

Lady Domenika is a music teach in this S&M film with some unusal teaching methods. She teaches her ill-bred pupils not only the right flute tones,but also,how to obediently take pain for the lovely Mrs. Lehrerin’s desire. The lovely blonde,Lola,is especially given a little flute treatment. Emily and Chrissi show hardly any talent when it comes to playing the piano; however- after a little motivation with a ruler and some clips – they improve greatly. When all three dare to rebel,the madame seizes the opportunity to use a long-proven teaching material: take their undergarments off,bend them over,and go for their asses until they succomb willingly to the whip.

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Sissy Slut Motel

He checked in as a guy,but checked out as a sissy slut whore to be pimped by his new Mistress!

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Your beloved Mistress Crash has found three eager vixens that gleefully submit to her dominance. Krysta Khaos describes herself as a huge slut who enjoys discomfort,which is a very tempting quality for Missogyny. Sophia Elly was sent for discipline and slave training. Cherry Torn snuck in and presented herself for the same domination. Watch these suicide girls endure true BDSM from their talented and deviant Mistress.

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Missogyny 2

We’ve come across naughty hotties in need of punishment and discipline. We have the perfect Mistress in mind. After seeing her torment her secretary Sasha Knox for being a little office whore,we knew Mistress Crash was perfect for the job. Ela Darling and Tori Lux didn’t expect such challenging BDSM for their misdeeds. Their regret pleases their Mistress greatly,making it more fun to watch.

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Missogyny 6

Pipe bondage,ice,mousetraps,a gas mask,double domination,dildos,vibrators,school games,and of course bright red skin…that’s just a usual night for Mistress Crash. When one slaves returns for training,one by one,more wanted to come back. For your entertainment,Crash invites back Cherry Torn,Tori Lux,Krysta Khaos and Ladie Lane,heightening her tactics to see if they’ll return again. They did wish for it.

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Missogyny 5

Guess who’s back? Sophie Elly,Sasha Knox,and Misti Dawn have been begging their Mistress Crash for more attention. If you thought their previous sessions were hot,don’t waste any more time and watch their second round of BDSM fun. Crash definitely raises the bar and pushes their limits and endurance. Watch to see if they can last for a third visit.

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Divine Bitches: Nicki Hunter,Host Of Playboy Radio Night Calls

Welcome Nicki Hunter to Devine Bitches! Nicki Hunter is all brains,beauty and the host of Playboy Radio’s signature show Night Calls. Nicki has a wicked tongue and a sexy presence that will render you helpless! Nicki invites her old college friend,Lorelei Lee and Lorelei’s boyfriend over to show off her and her husband’s beautiful new home. Lorelei and Mickey soon realize Nicki has more on her mind then catching up on the last couple years. She invites them to indulge in a wicked evil game of cuckolding! The night is filled with plenty of CFNM humiliation,Nicki commanding her husband to orally please both her guests,whipping,strap-on butt fucking in chastity and the ladies both fucking the stronger cock while Ned is used as a cum dumpster!

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Missogyny 8

We’re not sure if it’s the lack of attention or the craving for submission and domination,but Aria Aspen and Tori Lux have earned themselves another detention with Mistress Crash. If they won’t learn from the books,they’ll learn from the punishment. Crash’s other student,Marie McCray,was late again. Pipe bound,face down,ass up,she’s left in the hands of Mistress Indigo. If you’re a true devotee to your Mistresses,you know the punishment for tardiness. Repeat offenders get it worse,of course!

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TS Seduction: The Wives Club: When You Have No One Else To Call

…You call Sarina Valentina. Making her TOPPING Debut on TS Seduction is the incredibly sexy,Sarina Valentina. You have seen her bottom,but now you can see a whole other side of her as she completely dominates her man!

Parker has been ignoring his wife for weeks – preferring baseball on TV to her endless demands for quality time. She has had enough and so to teach her deadbeat husband a lesson,she calls the only one qualified to fuck some sense into him – Sarina Valentina.

Sarina takes Parker to a secret dungeon,fucks him,makes him suck her cock and punishes his mouth for neglecting his wife. She has Parker fuck her until sweat pours down his body and he cums,dropping to his knees. Sarina cums on the pathetic man who has been so out of touch with reality he didn’t even notice just how close to home this secret dungeon is – so close,if he paid an ounce of attention,he could smell it. This kind of absent mindedness will forever be eradicated by Sarina and her powerful domination.

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Divine Bitches: A Very Long Milking: Episode 1

Maitresse Madeline allows Robert Axel to train with her on his very first day with Divine Bitches! This lucky muscular piece of man meat is used to women fawning all over him and thinks that because Maitresse has allowed him the honor of worshiping her on his very first training day that he’ll win her over just as he always does with the ladies. Robert’s in for a rude awakening when Madeline strips him of his ego and declares him the official Divine Meat. Madeline is going to pass this one around to all her Divine girlfriends just for the amusement. Robert is whipped and has his cock and balls punished. He’s teased by Madeline’s beauty and his cock remains hard the entire time! Can you blame him? She fucks his ass deep and uses her magic fingers to milk his prostate until his cock erupts with filth uncontrollably. Still,his cock remains hard! She uses him like a pony riding him around the basement,making him worship,lick and clean her asshole while she comes. It’s safe to say the other Bitches are going to have a field day with this one and we will just have to wait and see how he turns out in the end!

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Silver Star

On her first visit to Foxhouse,Chelsea Poe plays a gold star lesbian who has never slept with a man before. When Gaperiella Holl and Alyx Fox start telling cock tales over cocktails,Chelsea is shy and uncomfortable. Before the night is through,these dominant women make sure she loses her gold star forever. Alyx and Gaperiella warm her up with a high femme strap-on spit-roast on the dining table. When stunt cock Andy Whore-Holl arrives,Chelsea is surprised to find herself eagerly swallowing her pride as she slips down to Silver Star status.

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Divine Bitches: Sadistic Cock Tease

Maitresse Madeline dominates Bobby Bends in his first ever submission on camera. Madeline’s sexiness oozes from the camera and to the screen. Just when you think Madeline may give Bobby a break she brings out another nasty implement with a smile. Bobby is heavily flogged and wickedly single tailed. His balls are dragged down with heavy weights and he has two zippers ripped from his sides. All the while Madeline teases him keeping his cock hard with her sexy presence and beauty. Madeline then fucks his ass with a strap-on dildo and milks his prostate with her fingers keeping him on the verge of orgasm but never allowing him release. He must worship her pussy and ass first! Even after that and all the begging he does doesn’t convince the wicked Madeline and is left on his knees with a yearning hard cock.

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