Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom


Lethal Facesitting

Scene one opens with a tantalizing POV scene. Savannah looks into your eyes and demands that you drop to your knees to pay homage to her gorgeous ass… She wants her pussy and ass worshipped and she wants it done right! Her neighbor stops over to return a lost item,and no sooner than the door opens,does she instruct him that it’s his face,not the item that belongs to her!.

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Be My Bitch 2

Wanna see these sluts get rough? Don’t miss them stick it deep inside their slits.

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Worship My Latina Ass 8

Voluptuous Goddess Evie stands over you in this intense POV. She laughs at you,calling you her minion,wondering if you’re worthy to lick her ass and pussy. You do your best to prove yourself as she spreads her wondrous cheeks. You plunge your face deep into her and she asks if you can feel her pussy getting hotter as you lap it like a dog. Slave Vladi is freed from his closet to serve his Mistress. Evie tries to show him the proper way to lick ass by playing a classic Roman Video DVD,but Vladi can’t see it he’s already buried beneath Evie’s buttocks. She grinds and thrusts her pussy on his face,pushing her lips down to cover his nose. His head bent back on the couch,she REVERSE FACESITS him,bucking like a cowgirl,trying to make herself cum since his worthless tongue can’t. She orders him to remove her corset,then to lie down on the cold floor. She squats on his face and he frantically tries to please her. The incredible,lush body of Mistress Isis jiggles above your upturned face as she whispers naughty things to you in this POV. The sight of her wildly jiggling buttocks will have you drooling. She wobbles her amazing tits at you,spreads her holes for you,all the while making you beg to satisfy her. While stretching in the gym,Isis catches a weight-lifting pervert leering at her ass. She orders him to lie on the pull-down bar bench where she proceeds to give him the closest view possible. She buries his head and SMOTHERS him under her jeans-clad butt. At first he thinks she’s crazy and tries to resist,but as she works out clothes start coming off,his resistance fades.

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Wild Wild East

Who said that girls don’t have wild and sadistic sexual desires. Watch Wild Wild East to find out how the brutal lesbian bitches tie up,punish,lick,suck,and fuck the innocent babes who scream and moan with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Watch over 120 minutes of wild and brutal lesbian BDSM action all on one DVD!

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A Guide To Electrical Play

Goddess Soma Snakeoil gives you an overview of the various toys that can be used for erotic and sadomasochistic electrical play,including electric butt plugs,violet wands and “zappers”. Goddess Soma Snakeoil introduces you to one of her favorite toys,the Violet Wand. She discusses vintage and modern wands,basic wand accessories,how to use body-contact and basic wand safety.

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POV Cuckold 5

Your wife – YES,YOUR WIFE! – is the blonde mega-beauty Carolyn Reese,and she on her knees gazing up at you,taking your dick in her soft,warm mouth. You’re the luckiest guy in the world,right? Guess again! As she blows you,Carolyn tells you that your cock is pathetic,that she needs to go out and get fucked by a real man. You try to protest,but her oral skills quickly encourage you to agree. She SLAPS YOUR COCK and SQUEEZES YOUR BALLS. She insists that you not jerk off while she’s gone,so she locks you little manhood in a CHASTITY DEVICE. Before leaving,she sits on your face and makes you warm up her pussy. Later,Carolyn is on her knees again,this time in front of a BIGGER,BETTER COCK! She’s found another man to be her lover and he’s superior to you in every way. She gobbles his huge erection while VERBALLY HUMILIATING YOU. Then she takes her new lover to bed where he FUCKS HER doggy style to a powerful orgasm. The sex continues with her riding cowgirl and reverse cowgirl,then 69. As she sucks her lover,she announces that she’s going to lock his cock up to. She wants to control all her boys’ cocks! Her newly enslaved lover fucks her again and blasts a massive load of cum deep inside her. Carolyn returns home to you and reveals all that cum slowly bubbling out of her twat and into her red lace panties. She makes you get on your knees to lick it up. Then off to the bedroom where the semen continues gushing. You keep eating it,but it keeps seeping out of her. She orders you to fuck her cum filled pussy. She releases you from your chastity device and you eagerly drive your aching cock into her sloppy hole. You thrust yourself into that gooey sperm swamp until you explode,adding your own cum to the mix. Carolyn then sits on your face to let all those hot,slimy,nasty fluids drain into your mouth.

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Femdom Rampage

Check out the latest from Wasteland studios,featuring the hottest bondage ramaging action!

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Divine Bitches: Aiden Starr And Jason Miller

Slave Jason Miller is one step closer to serving Maitresse Madeline but not one step closer to freedom. His useless piece of meat is still locked away in chastity. He’s flogged,spanked and weights hang from his gigantic,boiling over balls. His ass is fucked deep by an enormous strap on cock then his breath taken away by Goddess Aiden Starr’s perfect ass mounted right on his face. Maybe she feel sorry for him,who knows,but she actually takes this bitchboy out of chastity to fuck him with the high powered fucksall rubber pussy. Precum oozes from the tip of his dick. But,Goddess Aiden never lets him cum. Instead she soaks his dick and balls in a bucket of ice water. Jason pleads for his freedom while Goddess Aiden laughs hysterically and stuffs his aching prick back in the cage then throws away the key forever!

Slave Jason is on his way. Will he have what it takes to satisfy Maitresse?

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TS Seduction: Featuring Omar And Mandy Mitchell

Sexy Mandy Mitchell seduces Omar and takes him into her little world of bondage and helplessness. After teasing Omar our hung TS gets him all bound up and hoping for a good time.

But the tables are turned and Omar now has to be the cock sucker. Bound and helpless,Omar has to submit to the hung captor as she fucks him and makes him her little bitch for the night.

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ElectroSluts: Bobbi Starr And Alani Pi 2

With skin as white as porcelain,blonde hair and blue eyes,Alani is the kind of girl I want in my restraints. She’s also come to break in her ass and pussy to electrical penetration for the first time!

Suspended in chains with arms behind her back and legs spread,I open the session by fucking her with an electrically-charged dildo,a Hitachi Magic Wand and sparking her nipples with a cattle prod,bringing out the first round of many mind-blowing orgasms.

But she’s come here for her first experience with electrical anal and double penetration in her tight puckered asshole and lily white pussy,and I oblige her. Restrained with ropes on all fours on a grate,She has no idea what she’s in for. The shock on her face is her genuine first reaction to the electrifying sensation of having all her holes filled and zapped. Alani shrieks as I also apply the Magic Wand her to her clit.

I can’t let her go without giving me some,so I spread my legs open and she eats my cunt. What can I say? It’s good to be the boss!

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TS Seduction: Johanna B And John Magnum

John’s fantasy is coming true. Everything he imagined and everything he never expected…John is a huge fan of the untouchable,beautiful Johanna B. He has been to all her shows,even tried to sneak back stage unsuccessfully before tonight – his lucky night – where the bribed stage hand looks the other way while John sneaks off to her dressing room. Johanna welcomes him in,happy for the hot company and ready to use him to pleasure her own hidden cock. He gets so worked up watching her undress while stroking his dick. He begs to cum and when he does,Johanna releases her own hard cock right into his face while his cum drips down his dick. He’s shocked,confused and the night has just begun…

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TS Seduction: Kelly Shore And Lee Stanton

Kelly Shore looks hot in latex. Today she is a very naughty nurse and she is ready to take care of her patient. Lee gets his check up which ends with an internal exam. Kelly gives Lee a mouth full of her own personal medicine. Lee is feeling much better after this doctors visit.

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TS Seduction: Johanna B And John Jammen

When Johanna’s shoot is canceled,she prowls the armory for a suitable afternoon romp. She finds a maintenance guy who is pie-eyed and eager to help anyone at his new job.

What John doesn’t know could fill a dungeon. He gets seduced and tied up by Johanna. He’s nervous around this beautiful and sexy woman and when she barely licks his dick,he cums.
His big load is impressive,but his lack of control is not. Johanna decides he must learn how to take a cock sucking without exploding,so she reveals her hard dick and John goes wild with surprise. Too late.

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Divine Bitches: Isis Love,Alexsander Freitas And Chris Ockham

Isis Love is tired of her boyfriend having an inadequate,small penis. Isis brings him to the small cock clinic in hopes that something can be done with his worthless cock. Dr. Freitas is an exotic,buff,handsome,bull from Brasil who easily charms the ladies with his sexy accent,looks and big cock. The doctor suggests an unconventional dick growing kit which includes a chastity belt,cock zapper,floggers,strap-on prostate stimulator and other teasing dick growing tools. The sexual tension between Isis and Dr. Freitas grows. After all,what’s a women to do when her boyfriend has such a sad little pin dick? Suck and fuck the doctor of course! Isis sucks off Dr. Freitas and spits her cock laced saliva in the cuckold’s face hoping his dick will grow. NOTHING. She fucks him deep in the ass while the doctor and her laugh hoping this will stimulate his prostate. STILL NOTHING. She fucks the doctor hovering right above her boyfriends face. Sweat and sex juices drip on the cucks lips while they fuck. In the end the cuck gets a cock growing cocktail he’ll never forget! This update includes CFNM,bondage,small penis humiliation,cuckolding,chastity,anal strap-on,spanking,flogging and more.

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ElectroSluts: Bobbi Starr And Mallory Mallone 3

Red-haired all natural beauty Mallory Malone doesn’t look like the sort of girl who’s looking for trouble,but trouble finds her in the way of electrosex and BDSM in her stimulating update.

Collared and chained to the floor,I make sure I get my share of pleasure. I zap her ass and body with the cattle prod. She screams,but I turn on the EMS pads scattered around her body. She eats my ass,but she also stimulates me with her involuntary contractions and spams from the pads. Finally,I reciprocate with the Magic Wand to her clit and my fingers in her pussy.

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