Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom

New Release

Fucking Machines: Bound And Machined

Enter a world where incredibly beautiful girls are bound,gagged,whipped then fucked by machines at 1000 strokes per minute. Their wet,hot pussies will never be the same and neither will you in Volume 1.

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Lesbian Fetish School

Doghouse Digital and director Rod Vicious are pleased to present the first installment of this amazing all girls series. Fetish sex doll Mistress V rules her class with the strictest discipline. Enjoy as she teaches her eager recruits to embrace the pleasures of submission. These naughty little sex slaves lose control of their inhibitions and deliver some of the hottest hardcore action ever filmed! Enjoy!

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Enslaved By Ass

Surrender your freedom,slave! These two sizzling doms own you! In scene one,hot blond Mistress Ashley Fires takes charge,driving you to your knees and spreading her cheeks for your face. During this glorious POV she fingers her asshole to show you where your tongue belongs.

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Dominatrix Lesson

Dominatrix Mistress Amber makes Whastsherface and Whosehischops her slaves,treating them to a variety of punishments and pleasures. Training them with hot wax,nipple clamps,electrical stimulation,pegs,crops and an array of sex toys. A dark and depraved voyage into the realm of sexual submission.

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Suck My Asshole Bitch

You like TITS? You like ASS? Then get ready for both,slave! In Part One,Mistress Whitney Stevens looks straight at you and demands,Suck my asshole,bitch! You’ll be only too happy to comply. She has an amazing body,pouty lips,and incredible,glorious,all-natural 38DD breasts. When she opens up her pussy and ass for your point of view,you’ll be ready to cum right then. But wait! There’s more! She drags Slave Freddy to the bed by his leash and immediately hops on his face. She torments him with her sweet voice as she makes him lick her pussy first,then her ass. Go faster,she orders,and Freddy struggles to make his tongue work faster. She moans with pleasure even as she smacks him with a riding crop and insists he do a better job. She reverse face sits him and makes him stretch his tongue out as far as it can go so it can probe her anus. She leans over his body to SQUEEZE HIS BALLS and WHACK HIS COCK with the crop. Slave Freddy grunts from the agony,but never stops lapping her butthole. Mistress Whitney flips around and smothers her slave with her shaved pussy. She bounces her full weight on his face,her jugs jiggling. She rides his face to orgasm. Momentarily satisfied,she grants Slave Freddy a TIT SMOTHERING. Her fleshy mummeries slap and dance around his hungry mouth until she drops their full weight down so they mold around his face and block his breath.

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Goddess Soma’s Intense Bondage Training

Master Liam has scheduled Alice to see a world known dominatrix,and the dungeon holds the beginnings of her ”Intense Bondage Training”. Dressed in red latex,she is placed on a bondage device with legs spread wide open,nude and wanting. Drooling,teased and tormented,it’s not long before orgasm is reached. Goddess Soma pleads with her student to deliver the goods!

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The Sensualatrix

This is Mistress Beverley at her most sensual. A dominant woman with a body to die for,who’s not adverse to getting her kit off and letting her slaves lick and suck at her most worshipful shrine. Slave after slave is subjected to her cruel and sensual domination,culminating in her cuckolding her poor rubber clad husband and fucking her latest boyfriend right in front of him,powerful stuff.

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Schwarze Flamme Silverline 22: Schmerz Nach Noten

Lady Domenika is a music teach in this S&M film with some unusal teaching methods. She teaches her ill-bred pupils not only the right flute tones,but also,how to obediently take pain for the lovely Mrs. Lehrerin’s desire. The lovely blonde,Lola,is especially given a little flute treatment. Emily and Chrissi show hardly any talent when it comes to playing the piano; however- after a little motivation with a ruler and some clips – they improve greatly. When all three dare to rebel,the madame seizes the opportunity to use a long-proven teaching material: take their undergarments off,bend them over,and go for their asses until they succomb willingly to the whip.

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SOS Strap-On Sluts 2

Watch them deep-throat giant cocks. Those sexy girls can’t get enough rubber dicks.

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Brat Bitch Princess 4

Summer Bailey know exactly what she wants from a man – everything! And she wants it now!

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Schwarze Flamme Silverline 13: Psycho 13

Check out the 13the installment of the Schwarze Flamme Silverline series! Featuring the hottest girls in action from Germany!

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Absolute Breath Control

Smoking a cigarette in a cafe in Amsterdam makes Baronessa Carmen Di Rivera think about something special… Together with her friend she is spending some time using their attendant to punish him. The two Ladies are punishing his balls on the rack while he gets suffocated by their beautiful ass. After that the real fun on the cross begins. A very cruel and merciless lashing and some wax-games together with a very strict breath-control are what he deserves. For the final show the Ladies are having the “Flying Dutchman” in a bizarre way: A hanging-bondage: While both Mistresses are taking a relaxing bath with some champagne directly under him,the mummified slave is looking forward to his very unknown future…

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Education Of A Husband

My husband is a total screw up. He even forgets to bring me my lunch and so he gets punished. I bet he won’t forget about the soup that I put up into his ass-cunt. Four pounds is dripping and I’m getting his ass really lubed up for more… and the subsequent enema with a bottle of wine will find his way up into his lazy head so that he gets really dizzy. But that’s good for him,because next comes my huge XXL-Strap-On and he can only take it because the wine made him a bit numb. Both of my hands deep inside his hole are leading to a great finish of this marriage-ritual!

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Wild Wild East

Who said that girls don’t have wild and sadistic sexual desires. Watch Wild Wild East to find out how the brutal lesbian bitches tie up,punish,lick,suck,and fuck the innocent babes who scream and moan with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Watch over 120 minutes of wild and brutal lesbian BDSM action all on one DVD!

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Become mesmerized in a latex world of lusty abduction,where love,sex,and bizarre punishments will not only excite you,but punish your desires into a throbbing state. Mistress Aradia plays a beautiful monster that has found herself in a demonic state of rapture,addicted to her juicy victim Anastasia Pierce. Ms. Pierce finds herself held captive in the grime of an industrial building,where she continuously awaits her fate. The lovely Serial Mistress,Aradia can’t wait to place her victim in the 15 foot hole she has sadistically prepared. As you will see from her wall of casualties,this Serial Mistress has no ”cooling off” period and is counting down the minutes before she sets forth to find her next obsession. Let the music set the tone to your mind’s disruption and become another one of the Mistress’s psychological and sexual gratifications. Get ready for a real shock,when you are just as electrified as the punished,sexy Anastasia.

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