Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom


Double Dynamite

This man is in a ”handicap match” against two gorgeous women and he is getting out wrestled by them! Envy him guys,cause you know you would let these ladies do the same thing! It’s hot wrestling action with hot ladies and if you love this sort of thing,then we got what you crave!

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TS Seduction: Jade,Honey And Vince

Sexxy Jade and Honey Foxxx are tied up and left river side to struggle in the dirt. The two were investigating a of ring of thugs when they were snatched,bound and tossed off the trail.

Jade uses a hidden tool from her high heels to break free and the two are back on track with a whole lot of motivation. They find their first guy – a muscly crook named Vince Ferelli – and follow him to his hotel room where he’s ordered take-out and a Thai massage. Jade and Honey waste no time getting him in the mood for a happy ending on their terms. The two convince him to give up control be tie him up for his “massage”. Vince agrees – after all,a little bondage with two ladies is nothing for a huge beefcake guy like himself. Think again,Vince. The girls tie him up and then whip out their hard cocks that are hungry for sucking and ready to fuck.

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Divine Bitches: New Male Sub Falls Deep Into Sub Space

This is something special we’ve never seen in the history of Divine Bitches. New sub Leo Forte has just moved to San Francisco two weeks ago and finds himself on the doorstep of the Kink Armory. Leo has hidden his need,want and desire to be dominated,humiliated and fucked from everyone he knows in his middle America town. And now here he is right at the foot of two of the sexiest dominant Bitches ever to walk the earth. The shoot starts off normally with a little fantasy role play,some ass worship,strap-on buttfucking,OTK spanking,humiliation and CFNM. But,when the Bitches hit Leo with some hot wax and a cane he falls. I don’t mean literally I mean this sub falls so deep into subspace that I decide to stop the shoot at some point because of the intensity. Leo said to me after and I quote,”I’ve been hiding this want all my life. I’ve been told I was wrong for having these feelings and then BAM here you are telling me it’s ok to feel this way. You’ve even encouraged me to explore it and celebrate it. What on earth am I supposed to do with feelings like that? I have no idea where to put it.”

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Divine Bitches: 19 Year Old’s Fierce Introduced To The Bitches

Little Micah Andrews is eager to please,but his attempts at devotion to Goddesses Isis Love and Mistress Gia DiMarco only leads to their harsh punishment!

Meet Micah Andrews. At 19 years old,he’s what you’d expect from a boy who’s not old enough to drink,being innocent and uneducated to the ways of the world. His one redeeming quality is that he’s very eager to please and knows his place as a playtoy for Goddesses Isis Love and Mistress Gia DiMarco. They string up Micah,teasing him then pegging his tight,young ass while making him worship their asses. But when they sit on his face it pushes him over the edge,causing him to cum before these untouchable women give their approval! The punishment for his insubordination is placing his cock and balls in chastity,and making him drink the their heavenly squirtjuice,which he does like the good little bitchboy he is.

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Everything Butt: Sasha’s Anal Submission

Sasha Knox submits to Lorelei Lee who spanks,flogs and fucks her big ass with anal toys. Then Anthony and Lorelei team up to thoroughly dominate and ass fuck Sasha until she almost passes out. A final double penetration leaves Sasha a satisfied anal slut.

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Tranny Assault

Come watch these shemales stuff loads of hard cock in their ass holes hoping they will have you stroking your stiff dick till you blow your heaping load all over their sweet faces. They are sure they will have you cum back for more!

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TS Seduction: Mandy Mitchell Doms A Couple

Mandy and Cherry have been fuck buddies since way before Cherry started dating Sebastian. This would not be a problem if Cherry had told Sebastian. The tangled web quickly unravels with Sebastian walks in on Mandy and Cherry fucking.

“You can be angry or you can join us…” says Mandy and the answer is rather obvious.
A night of ass fisting,pussy fucking,blowjobs and anal sex turns the cheating into an all out fuck fest that ends in cum swapping.

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Divine Bitches: Basement Bitch Cuckold

When Aiden Starr wants to get fucked you either agree to play her way or you take a hike! This tiny temptress has zero tolerance for those who don’t play by her rules.

After a hot and steamy date with a new fling,Aiden is ready and willing to get down. Little does this new beau know Aiden has her slave cuck waiting in a cage in the basement begging to be used and abused. She makes unexpected man stand in the back while she shows him what kind of kinky sex she’s really into. She verbally humiliates her slave and beats him into submission. In chastity,he knows he has no chance of ever feeling the heavenly pleasure of her dripping wet pussy.

While putting her basement slave in his place by aggressively fucking his ass,the hypnotic smell of her body fills the air of the basement which puts both these men under Aiden’s power. She make her bitch boy prepare the cock of her date so that it’s nice and hard and ready to please her just the way she wants it.

Finally,she ties her cuck down just right so that she can straddle his face and give him a hot and sweaty front row seat this memorable performance of how to properly fuck a woman.

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Sex And Submission: The Anniversary Slut

Mason Moore works as a personal assistant for a wealthy couple. She gets unexpectedly involved in the couples kinky anniversary shenanigans and becomes their personal sex toy. Isis and Derrick find great pleasure in tying Mason up,beating and sodomizing her. Mason confesses that she enjoys crying as a release when being dominated. She experiences intense pleasure with anal sex and double penetration! This is a fun and erotic role play with good threesome BDSM action!

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Silver Star

On her first visit to Foxhouse,Chelsea Poe plays a gold star lesbian who has never slept with a man before. When Gaperiella Holl and Alyx Fox start telling cock tales over cocktails,Chelsea is shy and uncomfortable. Before the night is through,these dominant women make sure she loses her gold star forever. Alyx and Gaperiella warm her up with a high femme strap-on spit-roast on the dining table. When stunt cock Andy Whore-Holl arrives,Chelsea is surprised to find herself eagerly swallowing her pride as she slips down to Silver Star status.

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Bitches Who Make Hubby Bi 17

Wives who cuckold,milk and make their men bi! Be the bitch your wife wants you to be!

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TS Seduction: Happy Anniversary Baby: The Girlfriend Hires The Dom For The Boyfriend

Mona and Tony are celebrating their 1 year anniversary. Their sex life has been hot and heavy from the start. But they’ve never shared each other – not even a threesome. Tonight,Mona surprises her BF with a special present – A Dom.

They follow the directions perfectly and they wait in the dark for their Mistress to appear. From the dark shadows comes a latex clad,ass kicking Dom who will not take on any shit from either of them. She wants them to watch as she defiles them,she wants the boyfriend to get fucked while the girlfriend watches,but most of all,she wants them to suck her surprise cock. Yes,her cock which is hard and ready to penetrate their holes. This couple is in the deep end and the fantasy becomes reality fast. The fucking is hot and hard,the cum shots are HUGE and these two will not forget their first anniversary no matter what.

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Strapon Squad 3

We’re excited to share this video,another great clip with the lesbian domination threesome Rose Red,Lexy Villa and Brooklyn Daniels. This time around Rose Red’s Mistresses want her to endure more constant orgasms. Why not start it off with the infamous sybian fucking machine. The vibration it gives has made many models squirt,especially in our BDSM scenarios. Lexy and Brooklyn give their eager sub slut more rope bondage,tying her tight to the sybian,wrists tied behind her back,tasty clit kept on the flesh pad. Brooklyn begins the punishment with a light buzz,Lexy standing over Red,slapping her breasts and face with her 10″ strapon. Brooklyn raises the dial,Lexy pulls Red’s ball gag out and both Mistresses take turns sliding their rubber black dicks down Red’s mouth,deep throating their whore rough and fast.

Brooklyn Daniels is a great BDSM Mistress,a fan favorite for all of our lesbian domination threesomes. Yet,she’s tied up in the dungeon,her long skirt still on. Seems like she’s in trouble with our other Mistresses. Who says a Dominant can’t be turned into a sex slave for slut training? At Fetish Network,fuck the rules. Brooklyn needs to learn her lesson. Mila Blaze and Lexy Villa enter and shake her up. They spin her into the doggy position and tear open her panties,revealing her sweet pussy and tight asshole.

Brooklyn Daniels has been granted her Mistress status. We’re glad. We’ve paired her and Mila Blaze to unleash some Lesbian BDSM fun on our favorite muscle MILF,international hottie Becca Diamond. She’s taken a few hung dicks here at Fetish Network while bound up during hardcore bondage scenes. Can she handle a lesbian domination threesome? Only one way to find out.

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TS Seduction: TS Jessica Fox And Bella Rossi Fuck The Daylights Out Of A Cocky Gym Rat

Jessica and Bella hatch a pay back plan on a creepy gym guy who constantly hits on them in their local gym. He’s condescending and obnoxious with an attitude,that white guy attitude that completely erases the hotness of his muscles.

The girls have had enough,it’s time for the gym rat to get his ass reamed by Jessica’s hidden cock and Bella’s bootylicious ass! With wrestling moves and crazy strength that Eli does not even think girls could possess,Bella pins him to the bed while Jessica ties his legs and arms with skipping ropes. Then Jessica rams her cock all the way into his ass and he screams through the choke hold Bella has on his neck. It is ON. This feature threesome is full of hard cock double pounding – Jessica’s dick fucking Eli’s ass while Eli’s hard cock is in Bella’s pussy moving with every thrust of Jessica’s hips. Eli is a rag doll for these girls as they use him like a sweat towel! He is made to cum twice and Jessica shoots a load all the way up Bella’s body! And of course,sexy Bella has epic,leg shaking orgasms.

The whole update ends with a skipping rope up Eli’s ass! This gym lesson is over!

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Strapon Squad 7

The last time we saw the trio Brooklyn Daniels,Lexy Villa and Mila Blaze,they just finished a lesbian domination threesome. Wonder who was the slutty BDSM sub? Brooklyn Daniels ended up serving her new Mistresses,punishment for betraying her fellow Strapon Squad members. Well,she hasn’t left yet. She’s still tied up in the dungeon. She has one more article of clothing on: shiny white pantyhose. It looks great against her smooth milky skin. Her arms are chained spread eagle,her neck chained to her knees. Mila and Lexy enter,ready to train and use her some more.

If you’re caught up with one of our favorite sub sluts Sheena Rose,she came back for another go with our BDSM Mistresses,hoping for a challenge. Well,she’s still in the dungeon,her rope bondage fun still in session. Mila Blaze has invited one of the best lezdom hotties we have here at Strapon Squad,Brooklyn Daniels. They want to fulfill their promise of offering an experience like no other.

Isa Mendez,one our favorite Strapon Squad sex slaves,is no stranger to the Fetish Network dungeon. She’s been used,wrecked,punished,fucked a few times,our inventory of sex toys and goodies all used on her. Every time she returns,we need to challenge her and intensify her training sessions. Let’s see if Isa can endure another lesbian domination threesome. Mila Blaze knows Isa well,gaping her pussy on a few occasions during hardcore bondage scenes. She’s brought along newbie Ava Kelly (one hungry deep throat cock sucker). They turn her into a kinky pet,an anal hook leash connected to her collar,fit snug into asshole. It’s time for some BDSM fun.

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