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Nancy Nude At Last

If you’re an ass and leg man,you might not last through naughty Nancy Novak’s introduction. In a pair of skin-tight black pants,this lady is a sleek and mean sex machine. Nancy,the Queen of face-sitting,knows what you want and she’s got no compunction about delivering. Jim thinks he can resist this lady’s advances. Jim ought to give up thinking. Nancy proves it can be bad for one’s health.

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Double Dynamite

This man is in a ”handicap match” against two gorgeous women and he is getting out wrestled by them! Envy him guys,cause you know you would let these ladies do the same thing! It’s hot wrestling action with hot ladies and if you love this sort of thing,then we got what you crave!

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No Nonsense

Mistress Hollie delivers a 61 minute tease and denial infused domination session. Footboy finds himself stuffed face first into her ass as she talks to her girlfriend.

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Lost In Tits And Ass

3 hot facesitting,tit smothering and ass smothering scenes. Scene 1 starts Mistress Brittany Andrews and 3 hot femdom friends who turn a male slave into a human smothering machine when the Mistress take turns smothering them with their hot pussies,tits and asses.

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Enslaved By Ass

Surrender your freedom,slave! These two sizzling doms own you! In scene one,hot blond Mistress Ashley Fires takes charge,driving you to your knees and spreading her cheeks for your face. During this glorious POV she fingers her asshole to show you where your tongue belongs.

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Lick My Ass 2

Every now and then,a lady comes around that blows everything you’ve ever seen out of the water,who makes everything you’ve ever seen or filmed before pale in comparison. Well,this time the mistress who happened to come around is Mistress Sandra Romaine. She loves having her asshole tongue fucked,licked,and sucked,and she makes slave Bubba tongue-fuck her ass for the entire video.
Sandra stuffs his face deep into her ass and makes him tongue fuck her ass until she cums,then facesits him nude and grinds her pussy on his face. Sandra makes him lick her ass and wiggles and bounces on his face,grinding her way to yet another orgasm!

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Suck My Asshole Bitch

You like TITS? You like ASS? Then get ready for both,slave! In Part One,Mistress Whitney Stevens looks straight at you and demands,Suck my asshole,bitch! You’ll be only too happy to comply. She has an amazing body,pouty lips,and incredible,glorious,all-natural 38DD breasts. When she opens up her pussy and ass for your point of view,you’ll be ready to cum right then. But wait! There’s more! She drags Slave Freddy to the bed by his leash and immediately hops on his face. She torments him with her sweet voice as she makes him lick her pussy first,then her ass. Go faster,she orders,and Freddy struggles to make his tongue work faster. She moans with pleasure even as she smacks him with a riding crop and insists he do a better job. She reverse face sits him and makes him stretch his tongue out as far as it can go so it can probe her anus. She leans over his body to SQUEEZE HIS BALLS and WHACK HIS COCK with the crop. Slave Freddy grunts from the agony,but never stops lapping her butthole. Mistress Whitney flips around and smothers her slave with her shaved pussy. She bounces her full weight on his face,her jugs jiggling. She rides his face to orgasm. Momentarily satisfied,she grants Slave Freddy a TIT SMOTHERING. Her fleshy mummeries slap and dance around his hungry mouth until she drops their full weight down so they mold around his face and block his breath.

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Lethal Facesitting

Scene one opens with a tantalizing POV scene. Savannah looks into your eyes and demands that you drop to your knees to pay homage to her gorgeous ass… She wants her pussy and ass worshipped and she wants it done right! Her neighbor stops over to return a lost item,and no sooner than the door opens,does she instruct him that it’s his face,not the item that belongs to her!.

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Worship My Latina Ass 8

Voluptuous Goddess Evie stands over you in this intense POV. She laughs at you,calling you her minion,wondering if you’re worthy to lick her ass and pussy. You do your best to prove yourself as she spreads her wondrous cheeks. You plunge your face deep into her and she asks if you can feel her pussy getting hotter as you lap it like a dog. Slave Vladi is freed from his closet to serve his Mistress. Evie tries to show him the proper way to lick ass by playing a classic Roman Video DVD,but Vladi can’t see it he’s already buried beneath Evie’s buttocks. She grinds and thrusts her pussy on his face,pushing her lips down to cover his nose. His head bent back on the couch,she REVERSE FACESITS him,bucking like a cowgirl,trying to make herself cum since his worthless tongue can’t. She orders him to remove her corset,then to lie down on the cold floor. She squats on his face and he frantically tries to please her. The incredible,lush body of Mistress Isis jiggles above your upturned face as she whispers naughty things to you in this POV. The sight of her wildly jiggling buttocks will have you drooling. She wobbles her amazing tits at you,spreads her holes for you,all the while making you beg to satisfy her. While stretching in the gym,Isis catches a weight-lifting pervert leering at her ass. She orders him to lie on the pull-down bar bench where she proceeds to give him the closest view possible. She buries his head and SMOTHERS him under her jeans-clad butt. At first he thinks she’s crazy and tries to resist,but as she works out clothes start coming off,his resistance fades.

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Absolute Breath Control

Smoking a cigarette in a cafe in Amsterdam makes Baronessa Carmen Di Rivera think about something special… Together with her friend she is spending some time using their attendant to punish him. The two Ladies are punishing his balls on the rack while he gets suffocated by their beautiful ass. After that the real fun on the cross begins. A very cruel and merciless lashing and some wax-games together with a very strict breath-control are what he deserves. For the final show the Ladies are having the “Flying Dutchman” in a bizarre way: A hanging-bondage: While both Mistresses are taking a relaxing bath with some champagne directly under him,the mummified slave is looking forward to his very unknown future…

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Mean Facesitters

Do you fantasize about having a beautiful girl take charge and smother your face with her delicious ass? Than this is the DVD for you! Four great scenes with lots of facesitting,ass worship,foot worship,and more!

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FemDom Ass Worship 15

MeanBitch Productions and the Buttman Choice line of ass-flavored specialty videos have created another female-dominant face sitting masterpiece tailor-made for the booty-worshiping perverts: FemDom Ass Worship #15 pits four heartless ass queens against sniveling,inferior males. These gorgeous creatures use their huge buttocks to smother and demean their victims,demanding erotic servitude,leaving their men broken in mind and spirit. Each of four vignettes includes a solo tease session in which the glamorous wench verbalizes her evil plans and threatens the viewer with her fine ass pointed straight into the camera.Voluptuous blonde Nicole Aniston is stunning but cruel in a skimpy string bikini. When her wimpy boyfriend catches her cheating with other men,Nicole is outraged at his interference in her pleasure! She punishes the cuckold with foot domination and strict ass worship. After crushing his dignity,Nicole makes the pathetic worm lick his own cum from her hand. Helly Hellfire

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FemDom Ass Worship 17

The Buttman Choice line of ass-obsessive specialty videos presents FemDom Ass Worship #17,MeanBitch Productions’ newest showcase of unrestrained female supremacy. This is where dominant ladies use their evil imaginations and mighty asses to degrade,humiliate and terrorize pathetic,inferior males. Each scene starts with a POV-style introduction,wherein the beautiful bitch taunts the viewer,commanding total obedience and sexual service. First,big-bottomed,sassy brunette Kimberly Kane belittles and blackmails her weak boyfriend into submission,smothering him beneath her powerful ass and making him tongue-clean every centimeter of her anus,pussy and pretty bare feet. After draining him of his self-respect,Kimberly digs her heels into his scrotum as he tugs his dick to climax. Gorgeous,glamorous blonde Mistress Ash Hollywood torments a helpless slave with an electrical prod and controls him completely with her adorably cruel feet. The abject loser services his queens every whim. Alison Tyler is a stunningly tall and beautiful student with an enormous set of soft,natural tits. She wreaks havoc on professor Kyle Stone,making the old pervert pleasure her toes and massive butt. Alison grinds to a climax on the teachers face while he struggles to breathe. Lastly,blonde bitch Katie Summers acquires slave boy Deviant Kade in a game of poker. She makes the most of her winnings by making Kade lick her sphincter sparkly clean,and she feeds him a taste of his own splooge. FemDom Ass Worship #17 is a soul-crushing experience!

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Femdom Ass Worship 18

For guys who truly know their place,females are superior to men in every aspect. And a truly dominant woman enjoys showing a simpering male exactly how worthless he is! Fetish director Glenn King’s MeanBitch Productions brings another seductively cruel showcase of feminine supremacy,’FemDom Ass Worship 18,’ in which haughty ass queens crush their victims with powerful buttocks and verbal degradation. Each of four scenes is preceded by a POV-style solo segment in which the evil lady issues chilling threats and wicked abuse to you the hapless viewer. Blonde,ass-blessed knockout Alexis Texas makes a stunning dominatrix. She breaks in her helpless slave,making him tongue her asshole and stepping on his face in her vicious high heels. Her incredible hams flatten pathetic Jeremy Conway’s head and she makes him suck her fragrant toes.

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Face Sitting Tales

If you’re not in the mood or you’re too distracted to get it up,let one of these absolutely electrifying girls sit on your face for a minute and feel all the blood rush to your stiffening cock! A film about how to properly worship a woman’s every inch of flesh!

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