Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom


Fancy Footwork

Mistress Mika takes Her submissive on a smooth 44 minute tease and foot filled build up to a tremendous foot finale. This young,lean blonde Mistress pressurizes cum slut Tosha’s balls with bondage which makes her extremely excited. She orgasms heavily on a vibrator and then strips down to use Her dainty feet to maximum advantage on the helpless spread eagled male.

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Toe Tales 125

A fetish video for the discriminate. In this installment we watch as these lovely ladies and lads suck toes,get fired up and screw each others toes off!

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Wicked Whistling Whips

Opening scene: Gorgeous naked Persephone laying on a velvet-sheathed bed – erotic paintings and high-heels all over the room.
Slave Donnie is ordered into the playroom. His task,to dress his Mistress in a magnificent purple Discipline Body Corset Ensemble and incredible purple mid-thigh lace-up boots with 5” heels!
This complex body ensemble with its multiple straps,buckles and laces has Donnie struggling – his intolerant Mistress fuming…
Fade-in: Donnie tugging Persephone’s beautiful leather boots up her shapely legs…lacing them tight. Then lovingly licking her boots and sucking her heels…she rides him,hand spanks his behind,then utilizes more serious implements of ass punishment.
The final scene finds Mistress Andi in the “Rack Room”,awaiting Persephone and Donnie. Wrists and head strapped into a wooden yoke,Donnie is made to perform. Donnie is cuffed to the spanking rack,then sadistic Andi tightly ties his throbbing cock and balls,whipping his vulnerable erection as Persephone spanks his ass…
Both Mistresses delight in lashing his behind as poor slave Donnie wiggles to the wicked song of their whips.

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FemDom Ass Worship 17

The Buttman Choice line of ass-obsessive specialty videos presents FemDom Ass Worship #17,MeanBitch Productions’ newest showcase of unrestrained female supremacy. This is where dominant ladies use their evil imaginations and mighty asses to degrade,humiliate and terrorize pathetic,inferior males. Each scene starts with a POV-style introduction,wherein the beautiful bitch taunts the viewer,commanding total obedience and sexual service. First,big-bottomed,sassy brunette Kimberly Kane belittles and blackmails her weak boyfriend into submission,smothering him beneath her powerful ass and making him tongue-clean every centimeter of her anus,pussy and pretty bare feet. After draining him of his self-respect,Kimberly digs her heels into his scrotum as he tugs his dick to climax. Gorgeous,glamorous blonde Mistress Ash Hollywood torments a helpless slave with an electrical prod and controls him completely with her adorably cruel feet. The abject loser services his queens every whim. Alison Tyler is a stunningly tall and beautiful student with an enormous set of soft,natural tits. She wreaks havoc on professor Kyle Stone,making the old pervert pleasure her toes and massive butt. Alison grinds to a climax on the teachers face while he struggles to breathe. Lastly,blonde bitch Katie Summers acquires slave boy Deviant Kade in a game of poker. She makes the most of her winnings by making Kade lick her sphincter sparkly clean,and she feeds him a taste of his own splooge. FemDom Ass Worship #17 is a soul-crushing experience!

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Divine Bitches: Hot For Teacher

f you’re a foot fetishist you’re in for a treat. If you’re a dirty,masturbating pervert in need of heavy punishment you will relate. If you ever wanted to get fucked in the ass by two of your sexy,sadistic teachers this is the answer to your fantasy. Nomad’s caught masturbating in the student bathroom and filthy fucking perverts like him who spread their filthy seed all over the academy need to be punished. Thankfully,for us,Mistress January Seraph and Mistress Dragonlily are the type of teachers you always wanted to fuck. Nomad’s no different and needs a punishment! Heavy spanking,caning and CBT are all included along with copious amounts of foot tease,a foot job,ass worship and strap-on ass fucking! Somehow you get the feeling that despite all the humiliation this smutty pervert would do it all again just for the chance to fuck these smokin hot teachers!

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FemDom Ass Worship 21

MeanBitch Productions celebrates the dark side of female supremacy with ‘FemDom Ass Worship 21,’ an all-new collection of sensuous vignettes in which cold,vicious ladies crush the male spirit using their big,beautiful asses and harsh doses of calculating cruelty. Each scene of butt worship begins with a solo show from the starring domme,who taunts the POV camera with her irresistible ass,demanding absolute subservience from the viewer!

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Face Sitting Tales 2

Fetish company MeanBitch Productions has carved out a porn niche that caters to the worship of dominant goddesses and their big,powerful asses. FaceSitting Tales #2 is a collection of fantasy vignettes suggested by viewers – four breathtaking episodes of butt-smothering female superiority. The pathetic dudes here get their faces and spirits crushed by the cruel kind of ladies that like putting males in their proper place – groveling under a masterful female ass. When boss Tom Byron returns to work,he discovers that his unstable secretary,Tara Lynn Foxx,has been abusing all the employees. Little does he realize … he’s next in line for Tara Lynn’s sick games of foot submission and asshole licking. Busty,tattooed,fishnet-clad teenage dominatrix Bonnie Rotten takes a break from paddling Jeremy Conway,her wimpy client. She exposes his secret perversions to his wife,Zoey Monroe. The evil domme makes the couple crawl,tongue her puckered anus and suck on Bonnie’s manicured feet. After discovering his collection of kinky porn,foxy office bitch Gabriella Paltrova decides to make co-worker Flynt Dominic into her human chair. Finally,harsh mistress Tory Lane makes her slave wear a sign declaring him to be her property; the big-boobed dungeon ruler torments him with her muscular buns and toys with his dick using her bare feet. Each of these nasty tales climaxes with a pitiful male loser receiving the mercy of a happy-ending hand job. FaceSitting Tales #2 is feminine supremacy at its most irresistibly cruel.

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Femdom Footjobs

Where cocks are jerked off by sexy feet in nylon and sometimes smelly feet of Mistresses.

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Face Sitting Tales 3

MeanBitch Productions presents the third installment of a series that makes the female-supremacy fantasies of male viewers into brutal,erotic reality! The vignettes of ‘FaceSitting Tales #3′ portray stark sexual and psychological abuse. Fans of female ass smothering and foot worship submit their cruelest scenarios,and the vicious MeanBitch bitches execute these harsh punishments with evil glee. Gorgeous,black vinyl-clad Asian dominatrix Cindy Starfall loves using successful businessmen like Guy DiSilva as her personal doormats and seats. Wielding a riding crop,she makes the humiliated CEO crawl and take discipline from her handheld electric zapper. She jerks off her slave’s pathetic dick using her bare soles!

Glamorous bitch Austin Taylor is surprised to see ex-boyfriend Jack Vegas shows up at her apartment after a prison escape. She leverages his fear of arrest to bend him to her will,smothering him with her big,meaty ass. Pathetic divorce Jeremy Conway gets thoroughly abused by his ex-wife,redhead Savannah Fox. She yanks his pants down to expose his pathetic pecker,slaps his face and orders him to worship her fleshy booty. Stunning blonde Zoey Paige and office schlub Tom Byron are made to perform for a perverse and hostile new boss,Kelly Leigh. He submits to a bizarre session of ass-licking busy work. For guys that dream of giving up control to a beautiful but heartless domme,’FaceSitting Tales #3’ is literally breathtaking!

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TS Seduction: Mandy Mitchell Doms A Couple

Mandy and Cherry have been fuck buddies since way before Cherry started dating Sebastian. This would not be a problem if Cherry had told Sebastian. The tangled web quickly unravels with Sebastian walks in on Mandy and Cherry fucking.

“You can be angry or you can join us…” says Mandy and the answer is rather obvious.
A night of ass fisting,pussy fucking,blowjobs and anal sex turns the cheating into an all out fuck fest that ends in cum swapping.

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FemDom Ass Worship 22

Director Glenn King’s latest MeanBitch Productions release,created for the Buttman Choice line of ass-oriented specialty video,is a feast of sensual brutality geared to the submissive male. In ”FemDom Ass Worship 22,” gorgeous but cruel goddesses torment their prey into sexual madness. Before each nasty vignette comes a POV-style segment in which she taunts,berates and commands the viewer while threatening us with her big,beautiful ass. Tattooed domme Juelz Ventura treats her wimpy boyfriend like shit. He plans to win her affections with an expensive,romantic dinner,but Juelz brutally rejects him… while her female friends laugh and smirk. The busty bitch ridicules his manhood,viciously slaps his ball sack and makes him tongue-clean her asshole. Leather-clad domme Cici Rhodes tracks down Jeremy Conway,a pathetic sucker she defrauded years before,to inflict some ass dominance for old times’ sake. Cici chokes him,wanks off his pathetic dick and makes him eat his own semen! Petite,curvaceous Nicole Ferrera,a mean Latina domme,takes control of her older boss,Jimmy Broadway,and sends him on menial errands. When he objects,Nicole steps up her sadism. Soon the helpless ex-executive is groveling,worshiping Nicole’s tiny feet,smothered by her meaty buttocks and trampled underfoot. Finally,thick,big-assed Asian dominatrix Jessica Bangkok completely crushes the spirit of slave Dominik Kross. Sometimes,there’s no escape from a woman’s wrath … and in ”FemDom Ass Worship 22,” the erotic nightmare never ends!

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Divine Bitches: Chastity Humiliation

Jason Miller returns to Divine Bitches after a long hiatus. Will he still possess the skills to please our newly crowned Divine ones? Mistress Nicki Hunter cuts through Jason with her wicked verbal skills and humiliates him in ways we have never seen. He’s beat,whipped,made to worship feet and strap-on ass fucked. All the while Nicki has him locked away in chastity with hopes that he will earn his release. She tricks him into thinking this will happen if he does something utterly humiliating for her,wear a tampon in his man pussy! Of course Nicki never locks him out,squirts all over his face then swallows his chastity key! Guess he will never be unlocked unless he wants to dig for it!

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Ass Worship Junkies

Jack is an Ass Worship Junkie – he goes to a street walking hooker (Daisy Ducati) and begs her to let him pay to lick her dirty sweaty asshole. She takes him to a dirty mattress on an alley and bends over an old shopping cart so he can get his money’s worth!

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Dungeon Ass Worship

Mistress Aaliyah Love orders you to submit,worship,and obey! She looks directly at you and tells you what to do. You will worship her ass,kiss her feet,and lick her pussy like a good boy. Then she will order you to jerk off for her amusement!

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Ass Worship Junkies 2

Mistress Kelli Staxxx orders you to submit,worship,and obey! She looks directly at you and tells you what to do. You will worship her ass,kiss her feet,and lick her pussy like a good boy. Then she will order you to jerk off for her amusement!

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