Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom

High Definition

Level 7: Plug My Butt,Mistress

Check out the latest from Carmen Rivera Entertainment,Level 7: Plug My Butt,Mistress! The hardest anal to date with XL strap-ons and double fisting! Blow jobs,Golden Showers and more! 2011 AEBN VOD Winner for Best BDSM Movie.

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Goddess Starla’s Dungeon

Welcome to the hottest dungeon you’ll ever see. With gorgeous submissives having their will bent at the hands of Goddess Starla.

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Femdom Rampage

Check out the latest from Wasteland studios,featuring the hottest bondage ramaging action!

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FemDom Ass Worship 15

MeanBitch Productions and the Buttman Choice line of ass-flavored specialty videos have created another female-dominant face sitting masterpiece tailor-made for the booty-worshiping perverts: FemDom Ass Worship #15 pits four heartless ass queens against sniveling,inferior males. These gorgeous creatures use their huge buttocks to smother and demean their victims,demanding erotic servitude,leaving their men broken in mind and spirit. Each of four vignettes includes a solo tease session in which the glamorous wench verbalizes her evil plans and threatens the viewer with her fine ass pointed straight into the camera.Voluptuous blonde Nicole Aniston is stunning but cruel in a skimpy string bikini. When her wimpy boyfriend catches her cheating with other men,Nicole is outraged at his interference in her pleasure! She punishes the cuckold with foot domination and strict ass worship. After crushing his dignity,Nicole makes the pathetic worm lick his own cum from her hand. Helly Hellfire

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The Queen Bees

These bitches are coming to steal your manhood and bind it in chains!

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Divine Bitches: Aiden Starr And Jason Miller

Slave Jason Miller is one step closer to serving Maitresse Madeline but not one step closer to freedom. His useless piece of meat is still locked away in chastity. He’s flogged,spanked and weights hang from his gigantic,boiling over balls. His ass is fucked deep by an enormous strap on cock then his breath taken away by Goddess Aiden Starr’s perfect ass mounted right on his face. Maybe she feel sorry for him,who knows,but she actually takes this bitchboy out of chastity to fuck him with the high powered fucksall rubber pussy. Precum oozes from the tip of his dick. But,Goddess Aiden never lets him cum. Instead she soaks his dick and balls in a bucket of ice water. Jason pleads for his freedom while Goddess Aiden laughs hysterically and stuffs his aching prick back in the cage then throws away the key forever!

Slave Jason is on his way. Will he have what it takes to satisfy Maitresse?

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TS Seduction: Featuring Omar And Mandy Mitchell

Sexy Mandy Mitchell seduces Omar and takes him into her little world of bondage and helplessness. After teasing Omar our hung TS gets him all bound up and hoping for a good time.

But the tables are turned and Omar now has to be the cock sucker. Bound and helpless,Omar has to submit to the hung captor as she fucks him and makes him her little bitch for the night.

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Something Different

When Goddess Starla finds out that her slave broke her fucking machine,she is beyond mad. She can’t understand how Ava could be so inconsiderate,so thoughtless and so careless. Starla decides that Ava has to live with the consequences of her actions and turns Ava into a living fucking machine.

“I have had unclean thoughts” Sister Sophie confesses. “I have also touched myself while thinking these thoughts,” she continues. Will ten “Hail Mary’s” and ten “Our Fathers” do the trick? Will that be enough to cleanse and purify Sister Sophie? Mother Irony thinks not and adds her own flavor of punishment to the mix.

Annika wakes to find herself bound and at the mercy of a beautiful stranger who is going to have her way with Annika.

The Doctor is in! Siclia loves Medical play. Her challenge will be to not cum as the doctor puts her through her paces. We have a bad feeling she is going to fail miserably.

Wax is poured over Leila’s white supple skin,her protests permeate the dungeon. Her Mistress is quite skilled though and Leila’s body quivers from a perverse manipulation of both punishment and pleasure.

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Cuckold Honeymoon 5

You Are In For A Wake Up Call! Wifey Controls Your Cock And Your Life!

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Tricked By A Tranny 2

The second edition is back with more tranny trickery going on… so suck a tranny cock!

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TS Seduction: Paris And Rom Fox

Paris is taking a summer intensive English class. Her teacher thinks he can say whatever he likes because she will nod and smile,and not really understand what he is propositioning. But Paris has a very clear understanding of what he wants and she is ready to give him a lesson of his own.

He holds her after class for private study which quickly elevates into a locked door blow job. Paris removes her tiny plaid skirt,rubs her cotton panties on his chest and then whips out her solid cock in his surprised face.

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FemDom Ass Worship 17

The Buttman Choice line of ass-obsessive specialty videos presents FemDom Ass Worship #17,MeanBitch Productions’ newest showcase of unrestrained female supremacy. This is where dominant ladies use their evil imaginations and mighty asses to degrade,humiliate and terrorize pathetic,inferior males. Each scene starts with a POV-style introduction,wherein the beautiful bitch taunts the viewer,commanding total obedience and sexual service. First,big-bottomed,sassy brunette Kimberly Kane belittles and blackmails her weak boyfriend into submission,smothering him beneath her powerful ass and making him tongue-clean every centimeter of her anus,pussy and pretty bare feet. After draining him of his self-respect,Kimberly digs her heels into his scrotum as he tugs his dick to climax. Gorgeous,glamorous blonde Mistress Ash Hollywood torments a helpless slave with an electrical prod and controls him completely with her adorably cruel feet. The abject loser services his queens every whim. Alison Tyler is a stunningly tall and beautiful student with an enormous set of soft,natural tits. She wreaks havoc on professor Kyle Stone,making the old pervert pleasure her toes and massive butt. Alison grinds to a climax on the teachers face while he struggles to breathe. Lastly,blonde bitch Katie Summers acquires slave boy Deviant Kade in a game of poker. She makes the most of her winnings by making Kade lick her sphincter sparkly clean,and she feeds him a taste of his own splooge. FemDom Ass Worship #17 is a soul-crushing experience!

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TS Seduction: Jade,Honey And Vince

Sexxy Jade and Honey Foxxx are tied up and left river side to struggle in the dirt. The two were investigating a of ring of thugs when they were snatched,bound and tossed off the trail.

Jade uses a hidden tool from her high heels to break free and the two are back on track with a whole lot of motivation. They find their first guy – a muscly crook named Vince Ferelli – and follow him to his hotel room where he’s ordered take-out and a Thai massage. Jade and Honey waste no time getting him in the mood for a happy ending on their terms. The two convince him to give up control be tie him up for his “massage”. Vince agrees – after all,a little bondage with two ladies is nothing for a huge beefcake guy like himself. Think again,Vince. The girls tie him up and then whip out their hard cocks that are hungry for sucking and ready to fuck.

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Fifty Shades Of Dylan Ryan

Award Winning Feminist Pornographer,Madison Young,brings you Fifty Shades Of Dylan Ryan. Wealthy entrenpreneur and book publishing mogul,Ms Grey,has met her match in young college student and curious submissive,Dylan Ryan. After a sexy and defiant Dylan challenges Ms Grey to a bet,Dylan forgoes her freedom and submerges herself into a life of total submission,testing her boundaries,proving her servitude through sexual gratification,masked orgies,soaked in female ejaculate,vibrated and fucked to orgasmic heights coupled with fellow sexual servants Bianca Stone and Berretta James. Dylan is whipped to climactic moments of pleasure and collared while cradled in an intimate embrace of tenderness after a brutal and beautiful journey into the depths of her darkest desires.

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69 Femdom Cumshots

No ‘Happy” endings from these beautiful bitches! Don’t miss 69 Femdom Cumshots!

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