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Extreme Electric CBT: Pantyhose Prisoner

Extreme Electric CBT: Pantyhose Prisoner

The pantyhose prisoner is made to wait on the porch of the Compound in broad daylight wearing a gas mask while Dom Lady X and Irene finish getting ready. He is then commanded to enter the building,strip,and don a pair of pantyhose. He is placed in a metal chastity devise,handcuffed,thumb cuffed,and ankle cuffed and led up the stairs to the gothic room where he is placed in a head harness on the OBGYN table and restrained with bondage straps. Dom Lady X and Irene punishes him and perform experiments with the violet wand and whartenburg wheels. He is connected to many different boxes for special procedures. Many new and unusual ideas for electric CBT! Electric butterfly board,electric nipple play (bi polar) and strict bondage. A nice pantyhose-covered foot worship scene at the end,with sniffing. A pantyhose frenzy!

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