Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom

Genital Punishment

Extreme Electric CBT: Pantyhose Prisoner

The pantyhose prisoner is made to wait on the porch of the Compound in broad daylight wearing a gas mask while Dom Lady X and Irene finish getting ready. He is then commanded to enter the building,strip,and don a pair of pantyhose. He is placed in a metal chastity devise,handcuffed,thumb cuffed,and ankle cuffed and led up the stairs to the gothic room where he is placed in a head harness on the OBGYN table and restrained with bondage straps. Dom Lady X and Irene punishes him and perform experiments with the violet wand and whartenburg wheels. He is connected to many different boxes for special procedures. Many new and unusual ideas for electric CBT! Electric butterfly board,electric nipple play (bi polar) and strict bondage. A nice pantyhose-covered foot worship scene at the end,with sniffing. A pantyhose frenzy!

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The Sensualatrix

This is Mistress Beverley at her most sensual. A dominant woman with a body to die for,who’s not adverse to getting her kit off and letting her slaves lick and suck at her most worshipful shrine. Slave after slave is subjected to her cruel and sensual domination,culminating in her cuckolding her poor rubber clad husband and fucking her latest boyfriend right in front of him,powerful stuff.

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Twice As Bad

Watch an exercise in sadism as Mistress Lia shows Her mean streak while Her young protégé’ Mistress Monica delights in Her new found dominance. The Ladies enjoy spanking,tongue service and give slave Spartacus his monthly milking,extracting a huge load onto Mistress Lia’s breasts. They then take him from behind and,since he had his prostate drained,it seemed twice as bad then if he had been more horny.

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Become mesmerized in a latex world of lusty abduction,where love,sex,and bizarre punishments will not only excite you,but punish your desires into a throbbing state. Mistress Aradia plays a beautiful monster that has found herself in a demonic state of rapture,addicted to her juicy victim Anastasia Pierce. Ms. Pierce finds herself held captive in the grime of an industrial building,where she continuously awaits her fate. The lovely Serial Mistress,Aradia can’t wait to place her victim in the 15 foot hole she has sadistically prepared. As you will see from her wall of casualties,this Serial Mistress has no ”cooling off” period and is counting down the minutes before she sets forth to find her next obsession. Let the music set the tone to your mind’s disruption and become another one of the Mistress’s psychological and sexual gratifications. Get ready for a real shock,when you are just as electrified as the punished,sexy Anastasia.

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Domination Zone

Pure classic domination in this first volume of Domination Zone. Sexy,Sultry,Goddess Miki is going to have her way with you!

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Epic Cheerleader Blowjobs

These amazing dick-eating cheerleaders love to give head and get covered with cum! These hot teen cheerleaders give mind-blowing blowjobs that will milk you dry!

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Bizarre By Nature 13

Come and watch the luscious Carmen Rivera as she sets her slaves cock up on the Cock Machine to get smashed,poked and squeezed to its limits. You will see this poor mans balls turn purple as he gets smothered with Carmen’s sweet juicy ass. This guy is one lucky slave.

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A Guide To Electrical Play

Goddess Soma Snakeoil gives you an overview of the various toys that can be used for erotic and sadomasochistic electrical play,including electric butt plugs,violet wands and “zappers”. Goddess Soma Snakeoil introduces you to one of her favorite toys,the Violet Wand. She discusses vintage and modern wands,basic wand accessories,how to use body-contact and basic wand safety.

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The Corporal’s Punishment

Corporal Nicola has been a lazy soldier. She isn’t in her military regulation clothing when officers Irene and Gemini storm her barracks in search of contraband. They find Chocolate,Dildos,S/M Paraphernalia and OWK Magazines! Corporal Nicola’s Hair is not Military Regulation. She looks like someone’s college aged daughter who just dropped out of school with that silly Mohawk.

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The R’eal Deal

This movie is Mistress Real’s best work to date. Watch this superior Goddess manipulate her worthless male slaves and subjects. How much pain and punishment can these pathetic worms take?

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