Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom

Male Slaves Sessions

Male slaves beg their Mistress to sit on their faces because they were naughty little sissies. Dominant woman enslave their male subbies, forcing them to take a strapon dildo into their open wide asses. Mistress dresses her men in stockings to feminize them and Pony Girl training is offered for the women slaves. Humiliated husbands […]

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Zitas Extreme Femdom Caning

Zitas Extreme Femdom Caning of a tied male sub in agony by Cruel Mistresses Here at Mistress Marines we love to see a female dominant who does not hold back. A blonde beauty with nothing but the male slaves well deserved suffering on her mind. Zita canes hard! The male submissive is bruised, whimpering and […]

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I am Mistress Marine

Mistress Kelli Staxxx orders you to submit, worship, and obey! She looks directly at you and tells you what to do. You will worship her ass, kiss her feet, and lick her pussy like a good boy. I am your Goddess Mistress Marine. I offer exquisite domination services, through phone, email and on occassion personal […]

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Bdsm and erotism

Jack is an Ass Worship Junkie – he goes to a street walking hooker (Daisy Ducati) and begs her to let him pay to lick her dirty sweaty asshole. My name is Mistress Marine and I welcome you on my site in regards to Bdsm and erotism. For Me the Bdsm practices don’t come down […]

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Dominant Hotties

Starring: Courtney Taylor, Slut Bottom Chris, Summer Brielle, Tasha Reign I have been in the lifestyle over 10 years. I have worked in several fetish/swingers clubs, as well as private fetish parties which lead to My own personal stable of upscale clientelle/slaves. I am a total Bitch Goddess, demand total obedience, loyalty and compensation. My […]

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Financial Slavery

Are you worthy of My Treasures slave? Fetish Do you wish you could own a pair of my sexy, deliciously worn footwear? –or maybe feel the touch of my worn silk panties, nighties, etc…? They need worthy slaves to clean, smell, worship and adore them. What about a signed 8×10 or 5×6 photo for your […]

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Femdom Live Chat

I am particularly seeking slaves willing to be trained as foot rest/carpet, shoe/boot cleaner, foot worship, ashtray, CBT, toilet slave, spitoon, humiliation, degredation, nipple torture, and oral servitude, (both for Myself and My male and female slaves). I can guide you into My fantasy world, taking the novice on an incredible journey of submission, and […]

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Total Bitch Goddess

Welcome to My dungeon slaves, a world where I reign supreme, a total bitch Goddess to be worshiped and feared, a Dominatrix like no other. Here you are the prey, and I am the hunter, laughing as you willingly place yourself under My control, to be used as I desire, to be drawn further inside, […]

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Transgression of Reality

Mistress Elle enters,clicking about in 6” heels while slaves Jim and Donnie await their new Mistress. In no time flat both slaves are controlled and leashed.
This tattooed,pierced,red-headed high-heeled Dominatrix wields a powerful paddle…their butts are warmed as they fondle her shapely legs. Their genitals are leather wrapped,and both slaves are bent over the couch,asses sticking up in the air as Elle enjoys a double paddling.
After punishment her slaves are allowed to worship and cock-rub against the silky legs of “The Mistress of Their Dreams!

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Wicked Whistling Whips

Opening scene: Gorgeous naked Persephone laying on a velvet-sheathed bed – erotic paintings and high-heels all over the room.
Slave Donnie is ordered into the playroom. His task,to dress his Mistress in a magnificent purple Discipline Body Corset Ensemble and incredible purple mid-thigh lace-up boots with 5” heels!
This complex body ensemble with its multiple straps,buckles and laces has Donnie struggling – his intolerant Mistress fuming…
Fade-in: Donnie tugging Persephone’s beautiful leather boots up her shapely legs…lacing them tight. Then lovingly licking her boots and sucking her heels…she rides him,hand spanks his behind,then utilizes more serious implements of ass punishment.
The final scene finds Mistress Andi in the “Rack Room”,awaiting Persephone and Donnie. Wrists and head strapped into a wooden yoke,Donnie is made to perform. Donnie is cuffed to the spanking rack,then sadistic Andi tightly ties his throbbing cock and balls,whipping his vulnerable erection as Persephone spanks his ass…
Both Mistresses delight in lashing his behind as poor slave Donnie wiggles to the wicked song of their whips.

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Toe Tales 125

A fetish video for the discriminate. In this installment we watch as these lovely ladies and lads suck toes,get fired up and screw each others toes off!

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Fancy Footwork

Mistress Mika takes Her submissive on a smooth 44 minute tease and foot filled build up to a tremendous foot finale. This young,lean blonde Mistress pressurizes cum slut Tosha’s balls with bondage which makes her extremely excited. She orgasms heavily on a vibrator and then strips down to use Her dainty feet to maximum advantage on the helpless spread eagled male.

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Under Their Control

Girl to girl seduction with Mistresses Mika and Ayvah and 45 minutes of pleasure for cum slut Tosha as he gets feet and ass shoved in his face while the girls enjoy each others company. After they have had their fill of each other they hang weights from his balls and drain him of fluid.

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Yes Mistress

“Yes Mistress!” Are the only two words these worthless slaves need. In this amazing movie,some of the UK’s best and most accomplished Mistresses take their poor slaves through all manner of treatments,from simple punishment to far more extreme cock punishment and strap-on fuckings. With four amazing Mistresses,you don’t want to miss this one!

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Asians Bound And Fucked 3

Sometimes a bitch needs to be strapped down and plowed with dicks,fist,or dildos. However you want to do it,these Asian birds are up for pleasing you.

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