Mistress Marine

Female Domination – Fem Supremacy – Lezdom

Slave Application

Good Evening Mistress,

I’m only a pathetic little dirty beast, so I don’t think to deserve to worship a Goddess like You Mistress. However, I’ll do my best to merit this pleasure Mistress.
I’m hopeful that you are looking for a new slave Mistress, especially if You are interested in forced feminisation. I could be useful for You Mistress. You could break me to total obedience Mistress.

I know Mistress doesn’t expect slaves to think, just to obey. But please, in this mail, let me to imagine some situations Mistress. These are just ideas, nothing else Mistress, if You plan to let me to only lick Your feet. I will do without backchat Mistress. When I’ll see You I will melt at Your feet waiting to be beat Mistress. There is nothing I can do to resist at Your Female power Mistress.

You could whole feminize me: shave all my disgusting hairy body,varnish my nails and fingernails, makeup me like a tart, pluck my eyebrows, dress me with slutty clothes, make holes for earrings, plug my ass-pussy and train my sissy pussy with strap-on to make my hole useful so men will want to fuck me for the slut that I will be. I’ve to learn how to put whorish makeup on and how to walk in high heels without falling over, learn how to suck a man’s cock properly, learn how to dress myself properly as a girl: bra, panties, stockings, suspenders, short skirt, see-through top, long blonde wig till I’ll have long natural hair and so on Mistress I’m sure it would be fun for You to train me to be a messy whore Mistress.

In few days You could make me fuckable so You could use me to earn money like a whore Mistress, when I earned enough money You could also give me hormones, make me big lips to suck better, big breast implants, biggest I can pull up! When You get tired of torturing my cock and balls You could even castrate me to make a second sissy pussy to earn much more money Mistress at this time I’ll be a perfect transsexual whore under Your domain Mistress. I’ll suck and fuck every night until morning to earn money for You, I’ll be abused all the time for Your pleasure Mistress. You’ll make me addicted to cocks and cum Mistress I’ll need to swallow cum and be fucked and filled of cum and You will get all the money Mistress You could rent me to anyone You desire and even sell me when You get bored Mistress.

Then You could take me out in Your car and dump me somewhere, imagine Your slut with arty make-up having a blow job swallowing cum Mistress Imagine her mouth filled of cum, then she must clean the cock and thank the Sir I’m sure I would be a big business for You Mistress.

Please spit in my mouth Mistress I love Your divine saliva Mistress.


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