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House Of Lords 3

House Of Lords 3

Our exploration of the very English penchant for corporal punishment continues with VOLUME 3 of “House of Lords” and what a tale we have to tell. Our story concerns two ripe and beautiful student at a very private school for naughty young women. The school is run by a stern and demanding Headmistress who subscribes to methods of discipline. It seems our two young beauties have stolen something of values and one of them was caught red handed,whilst the other got away. This infuriates the Headmistress and she resolves to make the captured coed confess the name of her accomplice. When questioning does not work it is time to resort to corporal punishment,when the headmistress performs on the lush body of her interrogation continues without respite until the girl’s identity becomes known. Her ass is red and raw from the merciless beating but is not over. In fact,it has just begun. Now both girls are subjected to raw and brutal punishment for their sins. The Headmistress is merciless as she whips,canes,slaps,straps and spanks both girls until the tears are streaming down the faces. One girl is made to stand in the corner as part of her humiliation and watch the other being beaten. There are even scenes of Bastinado performed on the open hands of both young beauties. This is a long and intense journey into a world of pain and punishment that leaves both girls stripped and marked by the whips. It will leave you drained and exhausted.

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