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Curvy Nasty Homewrecker

Curvy Nasty Homewrecker

Life doesn’t get any simpler than jerking off the professor’s cock. It gets her out of detention,it gets her A’s in all her classes. With her juicy red school girl lips wrapped around her big red lollipop,she has his mind wrapped around her little finger.

Next,this stripper takes more than your money. She jerks your tie to pull your face into her ass. She twerks her big ass on your chastity. “Your face is going to smell like my young pussy and my ass when you go home and kiss your wife.”

In another scene,she tempts you with her big tits,makes you worship her feet,scissor-holds you between her strong thighs,and jerks you off into the box of chocolates you bought for your wife.

Then,Arianny has an agenda. Brother is in trouble. She has him do all her school work while she sluts around. Now she got a B. He brought her a box of Valentine chocolates to try and make it up to her,but that is not nearly enough. She scissor-holds his head and makes him feed her the chocolates,then spits them out. He has to smell her pussy and clean out the cum of all the jocks at school.

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