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My Promiscous Wife – Chapter3

As soon as his convulsions ceased, my wife told that her husband would be home any minute and that he had better go. He quickly thanked her and left the bedroom quickly to collect his clothes. My wife remained on the bed with her legs spread, pointed her glistening cunt in my direction. My cock was so hard now that I felt like sitting on a steel pipe. My wife rose when she knew that her visitor had departed and walked over to the closet. She opened the door and I thought that I would be soon released from my bonds, but I was wrong. She looked down at my raging cock, smiled and said, “It looks like you enjoyed the show.” I nodded in approval. She made a wicked smile as she untied me from the chair and removed the gag. “The fun is not over yet little slave” she said. “Now go and get on your knees at the edge of the bed”. I hobbled, as before, over to the edge of the bed, not knowing what could possibly in store for me now. When I got into the position, she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed in front of me. She then opened her legs and stuck her finger into her still sopping cunt. She then grabbed my balls with her other hand, eased her gooey finger out, and held it up to my mouth. “Lick it slave!” she commanded. I licked her finger like a lollypop until it was clean. I could taste the cum of the young stud that had just serviced her, mixed with her own sexual secretions. She giggled as she offered me another gooey finger to lick clean and said, “You have got to make sure that you get the every last drop, huh?” I nodded and continued to lick and suck her finger. When she finished feeding me, she looked down at my crotch and said, “I would bet you would like to relieve some pressure.” “Yes” I gasped as it was all I could do to keep from cumming at this point of time.She just giggled and said, “Well I don’t want you to mess all over, so just wait here for a minute.” She then left the room and quickly returned with a box of plastic wrap. She sat back down in front of me and unravelled a couple feet of the plastic wrap. “This ought to do” she said, as she tore the wrap from the box. She then wrapped and sealed my engorged cock in a plastic wrap, forming a reservoir at the top. “Now you won’t make a mess”, she said giggling. She then spread some jelly over the plastic wrap and began firmly pumping my cock. I immediately began to ejaculate, and I watched as I quickly filled the reservoir she had made.She kept pumping for a couple of minutes until she had drained every last drop of cum from my balls, leaving me in a state of splendid exhaustion.

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