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My Promiscous Wife – Chapter2

“Get up slave!” she ordered. I stood up unsteadily and she pushed me towards the closet. We have a walk-in closet in our bedroom with a mirror on the door. I hobbled towards the closet, as quickly as the bonds on my ankles would permit. She opened the door and motioned me to sit on a chair. She reached down and seized my rock-hard cock in her hand and said, “Don’t make a sound until I return. Do you understand?” I nodded my head. She walked out of the closet and closed the door behind her. I was left sitting in the darkness of the closet . I heard the click of the bedroom light switch and when the lights came on I was startled by the fact that I could see into the bedroom from within the closet. My wife had installed a one way mirror on the closet door in place of the mirror that had been there. I could see the entire bed where I was sitting and nobody could see me. I was about to die when my wife entered the bedroom followed by a man I had never seen before. She was still wearing the lingerie she had on earlier, but the man was completely naked. He looked to be in the early twenties and was probably a local college student. He had his hands all over her as he followed her onto the bed.

Soon this guy was banging my wife from behind with a vengeance as they moaned in ecstasy. I thought I would be jealous, but instead I was extremely turned on. The more my wife enjoyed it, the more arousing it was for me. My cock was so hard that it hurt. They paused briefly to change to the missionary position and I heard my wife saying, “You would better hurry because my husband will be home soon.” This guy did not need any more encouragement. He started pumping and my wife moaned and trembled in orgasm as he continued his pumping act. She then reached around his ass and ticked his balls with her fingernails. That was all it took for him, as he pumped a load of cum into my wife’s pussy.

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