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Financial Domination – What Is It?

What is Financial Domination exactly? Sounds like I’m about to discuss a monopoly of some sort like big corporations taking over mom and pop entities. Not quite exactly what I had in mind for this article. What I am about to discuss with you may be hard for you to believe but I am very much telling the truth. This has been going on for as long as men have been talking about it. Most recently in the last 10 years or so it has become popular on the internet. I won’t keep you waiting… Drum roll.. Financial Domination is a fetish where mostly men become sexually aroused by being dominated and controlled financially. That’s right, men are actually aroused by the idea of handing out their cold hard cash to women just because it is demanded of them. The have a deep need to be controlled and exploited financially.

A woman who financially dominates a man is called a Mistress, Domme or a Goddess. These women are usually dominant in nature. Perhaps starting as full on dominatrixes with the typical whips and chains with leather attire. They slowly integrate themselves into this aspect of domination for obvious reasons. Some of these women are only doing this for financial gain and some are actually aroused by the power they have over these mens finances. Receiving gifts and cash from men all over the world could be arousing for most women. It is definitely a fetish that is attractive for women who are compulsive shoppers. Women who love jewelry, clothing and fashion tend to be drawn to this type of career. It’s an addictive profession for anyone who is weak for material things.

A male in this scenario would be called a money slave, pay pig, submissive, sub, cash cow and other various terms. Most of these men have stories of dominant mothers and sisters growing up and how they feel their place is underneath a woman. They firmly know and believe that a woman is superior and they are only used for a woman’s disposal. They are at peace with this in their sexual lives at least. Surrendering to their need for a deep need to give up all control. Some of these men are men you would never guess would partake in this fetish. They are CEOs and successful business executives. Millionaires and sometimes billionaires can easily fit the profile for a financial slave.

What is the difference between this and prostitution? There is a huge difference. A prostitute provides sexual services for money in exchange. A stripper takes her clothing off in exchange for money. These Mistresses simply demand it and literally laugh all the way to the bank with it. Of course if the slave heard her laughing all the way to the bank it would only be an added bonus. The humiliation involved in this dynamic between a Money Mistress and slave is tantalizing for the giver of funds. He fantasizes being under a woman’s foot, laughed at, spat on, verbally abused and even blackmailed with private information for more money.

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