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Brutal Punishment – Chapter6

She stopped peeing and moved her cunt up over my face. “Open your mouth” she said. Only now, the hard tones had gone out of her voice. Her voice was softer, more gentle, yet it still had authority to it. I did as I was told and she put her cunt over my mouth. She peed slowly into my mouth. “Make sure you swallow all of it!” she said as the pee flowed freely into my mouth and down my throat. With all the beer she had drunk, she peed what seemed like about thirty seconds, and when the last drops came, she sort of smiled. She then released me from my bonds, but I was too spent to resist, and somehow the anger had passed.

It was at that time that I realised that a big change had come over both of us. I now longed for her dominance, and I knew at that moment that I was destined to be her slave. “I long to serve” said I, “I long to be completely yours, and do the bidding.” A look came over her face, a changed look. “ Well then, a slave you shall be, but remember a slightest disobedience shall be met with instant chastisement. You will pleasure me whenever I want, and I will use you as a human toilet. You will drink my pee, eat my cunt, be my footstool, and respond to my slightest whim. Do you accept this?”

“Yes, I said.” She just kind of half-smiled and lit up another cigarette.

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