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Brutal Punishment – Chapter5

At this point of time I realised that, I would better do what she said. “Alright, you win!’ I said. “Of course I win, I always win, especially when dealing with wimps like you!” she said disdainfully. With that she sat down on my face hard. Her pussy now tasted salty, from the pee with the distinct aroma of an aroused Pamela. “Lick my cunt!’ she said. “Don’t miss a spot, or you will pay for it!” I licked for all I was worth, as she kept rising and falling, her ass and cunt bouncing on my face.

Her pussy was getting wetter, and I could taste the cunt juices much more than I could taste the pee. She started moaning louder and louder, all the time pressing her cunt harder and harder. Finally, she came with a heaving wave, her cunt juices flowing. Spent, she sat there, her full weight for a moment on my face.

Finally she got to her feet. She was unsteady on them, spent from her intense orgasm. During all of this, and to my great surprise, I found myself getting intensely aroused. I had never been treated this way before, and have always been dominant in my relationships. She now looked at me and my raging hard –on . “Well, look at this!” she said. “Looks like the little dick likes having a woman humiliate him. I will bet he even liked having me piss all over his ugly little face!” With that she sat astride me facing backwards, her asshole right in my face. She started to choke my cock, which was swelling more and more. I could smell her asshole and the mixture of her womanly juices and her musty pee. “Lick my asshole, you worthless fuck!” she said. I immediately obeyed as she stroked away at my cock. My arousal grew with each stroke as I could feel an intense orgasm building within; an orgasm unlike any I have or would ever experience. I was about two seconds away from shooting, when she turned around and squatted over my cock. I could feel the tension rising and risings. I looked up at her face, and she strained for a second and then let loose a forceful, burning hot stream of piss on my cock. With that, my cock exploded, sending a stream of cum so hard, that it landed on my face and hair.

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