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Brutal Punishment – Chapter4

Finally, I could take no more, and cried out my surrender, but that didn’t faze her a bit. I could not breath and feel myself passing out. The last thing I remembered is seeing her smile and fading to black.

When I awoke, I was worried. I found myself spread like an eagle, handcuffed and leg cuffed to four posts that surround the wrestling mat. I looked around only to see Pamela drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. “I see your awake now, little dick!” she said. “I think by the time we are done, you will have the better respect for the superiority of women!” With that, she walked over to where I lay, and squatted over face. I could see her brown pussy hair, and smell the female musk of her cunt. Her pussy lips were parted and I could feel the heat radiating from her cunt. “I want you to look at my cunt” she said, in a quiet yet resolved voice. “Look at it and see what your master really is”. With that, her pussy lips parted, and a couple of drops of pee dripped down on my face. Suddenly, a spurt of her hot piss flooded my face. “I told you, we would be finding out who pisses on the other!” she laughed. She was still smoking a cigarette and took a long drag. She exhaled, blowing the smoke down at me as I lay helpless under her pussy. She then released another long stream of piss on my face, this time starting and stopping over and over to let me get the full effect of what she was doing. “Lick my pussy!’ she said. “Fuck you!” I said. “Listen,  little dick” she said with a slight smile, “You will eat my pussy and do everything exactly as I say, or I will give you such pain, you will wish you were dead!” she said.

With that she took her burning cigarette, which at this time was down to the butt, and held it right under my balls. I could feel the heat, but it wasn’t quite enough, to cause me pain yet. Finally, she touched the coal of the cigarette to my balls. I screamed in pain, and she just laughed. She then pulled back and again squatted over my face. “Are you going to lick my pussy, or do I have to burn your ugly balls again” she said. She then got up, and lit another cigarette, and then blowing the smoke down at me said, “Or we could play this game for a while.”

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