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Brutal Punishment – Chapter3

After that, she sat there in stony silence and drank her beer, neither looking at me nor saying a word. Finally, she chugged the last drop of her beer and lit up a cigarette. Fixing her gaze at me, she took a long drag and exhaled. She had a look in her eyes as she was trying to decide what to do. Finally she said, “Well, I am gonna go and get naked. You can wear whatever you want, although I am sure you don’t have the guts to try and fight me naked with your little weenie exposed. I like kicking guys asses when I am naked.” To me that was enough. “I will kick your little sluttish ass” I said. And with that she disappeared into other room.

When she came out, she was quite naked, and so was I. I must admit, I was truly amazed. Her body was sculptured into a perfect shape, and there wasn’t any fat on her body, like she used to have earlier. She approached me, and slapped my face, hard. I was enraged, and charged her with all my force. She merely sidestepped me, and kicked my ass, as I went by. I regained my composure and turned to face her only to be confronted by a karate style kick right to my unprotected stomach.

The wind was knocked right out of me and I found myself lying, gasping for breath on the mat. She was on me like a tiger, and immediately wrapped her long muscular legs around my stomach in a scissors hold. She locked her legs at the ankles, and squeezed with all her might. “This is way too easy!” she laughed. “What kind of man are you, anyway, letting a weak woman like myself dominate you? Aren’t you ashamed of being humiliated by a mere woman?” she said scornfully as she kept applying the pressure to my stomach.

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