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Brutal Punishment – Chapter2

‘Listen little dick” she said, her eyes filled with rage. “If I go out in the parking lot, I gonna take you out there and kick your slimy little ass!”

I just laughed at her. What an arrogant bitch! I have never struck a woman before, and frankly, I didn’t wanted to start now, even though she deserved it, and furthermore, had she been a man, I would have flattened her.

“Piss on you!” I said, “ You are not worth my time! I would personally like to beat the shit out of the nasty little fuck like you, but I will be damned if you are worth going to jail for! You are certainly not worth humiliating here in public, and besides, I like to hang out here and not thrown out!”

She just looked at me. Finally she said, “Listen little dick, if you think you are man enough to take me on, why don’t you come back to my house. It will be just you and me, and I will teach you a lesson you will never forget. We will who pisses on the other!”

By this time I was really pissed off and quickly agreed. She told me where she was living, and we both left the bar for her house. I was somewhat apprehensive about it on the way over. I thought that may be when I got there that she would have some big muscle bound stud living there that would take me apart, but when we entered her house, all the lights were off and there were no other cars.

We walked into her house and she did not say a word. She led me to the basement door and we walked down. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I was amazed at what I saw. There was a wrestling mat and aerobic workout equipment all about. She went to the fridge and pulled out two quart bottles of beer. She gave me one and then pulled out the other for herself. “I don’t even want to drink from the same bottle as you” she said. “It is gonna be good to kick your ass!” I said and laughed to this stupid bitch’s arrogance.

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