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Brutal Punishment – Chapter1

This is the story of one of the strangest sexual experiences I have ever had. It all began four years ago when Pamela and I were going out. We used to fuck all the time and part of the relationship was good. However, we both were young and we both had roving eyes, and by the time we broke up, we were anything but friends, in fact we damned well hated each other.

Pamela was about five foot seven inches and weighed 120 pounds. She had long auburn hair and was athletically inclined. Her tits were not bad, but her ass was magnificent. Every time we would get naked, and I would see that ass of hers, it would make my mouth water and my dick incredibly hard. She used to suck my cock and tease it, and getting me into the absolute brink of pleasure before finally and mercifully releasing the flood of cum from my throbbing cock.

Well, as I said, we didn’t like each other at all after our break up, and I had not seen her for about two years. I had heard that she got involved in some kind of feminist movement, and was teaching self defence classes to women.

It was on Friday night, and I had been out drinking at my favourite pub, and I was not having much luck with the local ladies, when I spied Pamela sitting with her group of friends. She was laughing, talking and drinking beer. She saw me, half smiled, and said something to girl sitting next to her, and her face got red, and she laughed along with Pamela.

“Hey wimpy boy!” she said in a loud and drunken manner. This really surprised me and pissed me off as well although I am no body builder, I am certainly anything but a wimp. “Hey little dick!” she called, and her friend laughed even more.

I tried to ignore her. There was no point in arguing with a drunken bitch anyway, but this would not do for her, and she got up from the table and came up to me. “ I always thought that this was a classy place” she said. “ I wonder why they let little wimps like you here” she continued. Her eyes were full of contempt, and at that time I had enough of her bullshit.

“ Listen you filthy little slut” I said. “ Bitches like you should be out in the parking lot sucking cocks for nickels, rather than hanging out here with regular people! Why don’t you go outside and fuck yourself!” I said with malice and anger in my voice.

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